In business in 30 days

A Windows 8 compliant UI concept for XING

In business, mobility is important

Even more important is the right timing. It is our task to provide XING with a user interface concept that meets the expectations of demanding business users for native Windows 8 Store apps and Windows Phone 8 apps. And it's our task to do it in a very short timeframe.

Day 1

First things first


The short time frame demands speed and getting your priorities right.

Three days after receiving the order, we start the project with a kick-off meeting in Hamburg. Working closely with XING employees, we cooperatively define the scope of the project and work out first drafts of the app in just one day.

Day 5

Consistency is the friend of enterprise


Our concept refers to the existing XING style guide and the Microsoft’s UX guidelines for Windows Store apps and Windows Phone apps. We create a thoroughly consistent user interface informed by both worlds: the XING design and typical Windows 8 elements like the Live Tiles and the Panorama control.

Day 16

Vision and precision


Based on our sketches, we design detailed screen mocks. They are a unified vision for all project partners. At the same time, they are the basis for getting the official approval by Microsoft – at the first quality gate.

Day 30

Passing the quality gate


The first quality gate is an important step in Microsoft’s UX quality assurance process. Here, compliance with the Windows 8 UX guidelines is verified. We progress beyond that first stage in just thirty days thanks to our pixel-precise screen mocks.

In the middle

The first quality gate successfully concludes our concept and visual work. We continue to support the project by acting as an intermediary between all project partners.

Happy Release Day, XING

Dr. Hartmut ObendorfDirector UX

Our goal was to get a Windows 8 compliant version of our mobile apps extremly quickly. Centigrade was an important factor in reaching this goal right on time. We could rely on the company’s support at all times. With a lot of commitment and understanding of our XING-„world“, they contributed to us staying on track with our release plan, resulting in the launch of a good first version.

Customer Testimonials

Would you also like to complete your app portfolio and need a consistent UI concept? Do you have any other questions on Windows Store apps? Feel free to call me for a first informal consultation.

Tobias Gölzer

project lead

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