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Centigrade contributes to Interactive Design Magazine WEAVE

January 20th, 2012

In the current issue of the Interactive Design Magazine WEAVE, Stefan Wölwer, Professor at HAWK in Hildesheim, shares his insights about the industries growing demand for innovative, touch and gesture controlled User Interface Design. As Centigrade had already picked up the trend some time ago by working on sophisticated industrial applications, Thomas Immich, CEO at Centigrade, was interviewed for the article’s editorial work. Thomas Immich: “More and more manufacturers are confronted with the demand for easy to use Interfaces – not least to minimize training time and thus allowing for the recruitment of employees in emerging markets. Intuitive handling has become a unique selling proposition – therefore design becomes more and more important.”

Other than the principle of intuitive handling, the article also talks about the necessity of a new job profile that combines Design and Engineering. This is a requirement that Centigrade does not only share, but also actively promotes (as stated in the current blog article “User Interface Design Engineering – A New Discipline That’s Here to Stay“). The User Interface Design Engineer closes the gap between design and development, providing an advantage not only for the industrial sector, but software projects in general. In the future Centigrade plans to extend its leading role in user interface design engineering to support customers extensively in the field of .NET (WPF & Silverlight).