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Expert review and usability test: assessing usability

If you are interested in quick feedback on how your software can be improved, a usability inspection is for you. We check your user interface for violations of usability guidelines and provide information on how the issues can be addressed. You can then use this information for planning further steps.

Usability testing

You would like to use representative user feedback in order to improve your user interface? During a usability test users are observed while interacting with the system or a prototype. Centigrade experts then prioritize findings and analyze interaction problems in order to provide you with concrete suggestions for improvement. Usability tests can be conducted once or several times during the course of a project. It is even possible to administer usability tests in early stages of a process, before extensive development work has occurred. In addition, usability tests can be conducted remotely, so users do not have to leave their accustomed work context.

Exemplary results

  • Quick usability check: Timely feedback regarding system-usability and potential for improvement
  • Actions to take: Identification of usability problems and concrete suggestions for improvements
  • Highlight videos: Valuable illustrative material of text excerpts for internal communication and marketing

Site visits and contextual analysis: Analyzing users and their work

Site visit

In order to tailor the future solution to users’ problems and needs, it is essential to analyze their daily work. Site visits, interviews and questionnaires provide valuable information, which helps to concretize the project team’s knowledge of user personas, workflows and work contexts.

Exemplary results

  • Personas: Concrete characteristics of individual user types for which a design solution shall be provided
  • Usage scenarios: Detailed description of relevant workflows and –contexts that have to be accounted for in design
  • Storyboards: Visual representation of users’ work and its context as basis for further project activities
  • Problem definitions: Description and prioritization of relevant user problems

Usage concept and interaction design

Interaction design

Usage concept and interaction design provide the basis for making complex systems usable and inspire with outstanding usability. This is achieved by crafting goal-oriented and creative solutions, which are based on a detailed understanding of users and their workflows. Usage concept and interaction design can also be used as starting point for additional activities such as visual design.

Exemplary results

  • Wireframes: Description of layout and macro-interaction design of the envisioned solution
  • State charts: Detailed documentation of interactive behavior, especially micro-interaction design
  • Click prototypes: Interactive artifacts that can be explored in order to evaluate and discuss interaction design before implementation takes place

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