How to win the digitization?
With the best UX at all levels.

Let's not overwhelm users with what would be possible – let's rethink how we are creating value and how we are using technology from a human perspective. We get your digital transformation rolling. Use our UX Services to start lean, grow more agile and develop sustainably.

User Research

How do expertise, work environment and the task at hand influence users?

We will find out what users expect from your UI in a given situation.
This is how we make good design measurable.

User Research
Usability Inspection

Are UI elements used, placed and named according to respective platform specifications?

We will put your existing UI to the test.
Complying with norms and standards will make your UI that much easier to learn.

Usability Inspection
Usability Testing

When do users hesitate? How do they use UI elements differently from what you expected?

We are sharp observers and attentive listeners.
Even the most subtle cue will point us to problems in a concept.

Usability Testing
Interaction Modelling

What relevant terminology is there? Which are the recurring bits of information?

We disassemble complex structures and re-build them into stronger ones.
Withstanding even the most unpredictable of strains.

Interaction Modelling
Interaction Design

Which input method is most ergonomical? How can user errors be avoided?

We develop interaction concepts, which support and inform users according to context.
They are offered what is relevant and useful at one point – neither more nor less.

Interaction Design
Navigation Design

How much guidance do users need? What is the right degree of detail and overview?

We untangle twisted navigation paths into new and well-marked roads.
So that users can navigate intuitively – from wherever they are.

Navigation Design

Are users rewarded for competent actions? Do they experience some kind of “flow”?

We use playful concepts to create tangible business values.
Because users feeling qualified will perform accordingly.


Where do you see your software in 10 years? What are the relevant technological trends?

We live innovation, creating a palpable vision of your future UI.
Convincing decision-makers and assuring investors in the process.

Screen Design

Which colors and fonts will suit you best? Which layout will fit your individual screens?

We create vivid high-definition mock-ups that make your future UI come to life.
Inspiring all stakeholders from the first day on.

Screen Design
Icon Design

What is the right metaphor for a complex action? How can its visualization be simplified?

We create icons, that are appealing and distinctive.
So your UI can communicate much on a limited space, indifferent to the users’ language.

Icon Design
Motion Design

How did I get here? What information is the most relevant and helpful?

We use animations and state transitions where they are beneficial to the users – not to the UI.
We guide users, maximizing orientation and their sense of secureness.

Data Visualization

What are my KPIs? As a decision-maker, at what point of the process do I have to intervene?

We create dashboards to visualize complex data in a simple and efficient way.
This is how Big Data is turned into relevant information – enabling safe and timely decisions.

3D Visualization

What does the inside of a machine look like? Which states do individual components compass?

We display reality in 3D or augment it with useful information.
The earth is not flat – nor does your UI have to be.

3D Visualization
Asset Production

As a developer, how do I obtain icons, splash screens or 3D-models?

We tailor all UI assets so that they can be used directly:
as a JPG, PNG, SVG, DWX, ICO, PSD or other format.


What does a newly developed concept really feel like? Which ideas work, which ones do not?

We create interactive prototypes to make your UI come to life – and be tested.
At the same time a successful prototype will serve as a specification for the implementation.

Flow Charts

How can a concept be transferred to the development team without loss?

We display the complex dynamic of our interaction designs in form of state charts.
This – and not prose – being the mutual language of designers and developers.


How can UI consistency be secured across different development teams?

Our styleguides provide all necessary information to implement input masks with confidence.
Because with good design, identical elements will look and feel identical as well.

Look & Feel Engineering

How can existing software be enhanced? What will have a great effect at a reasonable effort?

We create appealing Look & Feels, that will fit your application like a second skin.
The value that is gained will grant an initial trust from your users.

Look & Feel Engineering
UI Design Engineering

How do you make and keep a UI modern? How is inspiring design brought to life?

We code Markup, that makes your UI gorgeous, and your layout responsive.
HTML/CSS or XAML – good design is measured by its source code as much as its features.

UI Design Engineering
UI Architecture

How do you join the disciplines UI Design and Software Engineering?

Thanks to Databinding and MVVM we work together on the same code:
With the eye of a designer and the method of a developer.

UI Architecture
UI Engineering

How can we support your software development with a lasting contribution?

We provide UI testcases and databinding gluecode in C#.
Eliminating performance bottlenecks by using high level pixelshaders, to name only one.

UI Engineering

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