Microsoft Fluent Design System

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Microsoft Fluent Design System

To design modern user interfaces, you not only have to take care of their functionality but also meet a lot of challenges:

  • responsiveness and performance
  • realism (AR, VR and mixed reality)
  • possible input methods (keyboard, mouse, touch, pen, eye navigation…)
  • screen sizes (smartphone, tablet, desktop pc)
  • connection of different working fields (industry 4.0)

As a software developer you often have no chance to pre-determine the target hardware of an application as requirements in your market have become very volatile. You have to aim at a very wide scale of implementation of your user interface. Therefore software developers are looking for a way to provide similar data and workflows for different audiences and technologies without much additional effort.

We enable you to use the Microsoft Fluent Design System. The system features are directly usable in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and are made for exactly those needs. Learn, how to design modern cross-platform-interfaces with modern looks and interaction behavior.

Day 1

How to design applications with Fluent Design?

In this design module You as part of a design- or development team will learn how to apply the interaction and design patterns provided by the Fluent Design System in order to master complex tasks. With material, movement and depth you will create adaptive and intuitive surfaces. Get to know the current design guidelines and a variety of the available interaction elements. At the end of the day one you will be able to make sound decisions about when and why to use certain elements.

Audience: .NET / WPF Developer

Day 2

UWP Design Engineering – Bringing the design to life

The requirements for modern user interfaces are constantly rising. Different target hardware challenges software engineers to reuse as much of their codeas possible to avoid code duplications. To achieve this a good software architecture is indispensable. Learn in a first step how to build your business logic according to the model-view-view-model (MVVM) pattern, so that you can efficiently reuse basic parts of your software. After that you will learn in step two how to create an outstanding and scalable user experience with the help of the Fluent Design System. A reusable XAML code base with styles, templates, colour resources, icon library, etc. will efficiently lead your team to quick and user centered results.

Audience: .NET / WPF Developer


  • Early Bird: 699 €
    (Application schedule: 12th Februar 2019)
  • Regular: 749,- €
(including lunch, drinks, training material)

You want your team to be more independent when it comes to UX and would like to learn more about how to put our know-how to good use? We are excited about your assignment.

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