Centigrade draws positive conclusion of a surprising UXcamp Europe 2011

June 17th, 2011

This year, as in 2009 and 2010, Centigrade supported UXcamp Europe as a sponsor. In addition, several employees of the company participated in the BarCamp. As always, a multitude of top-class sessions on diverse aspects of user experience design was offered. A special surprise awaited the Centigrade employees in the session “The Future of Interfaces”, which dealt with issues that will become more and more important for the design of user interfaces.

Amongst other things, it was suggested that the design of animations and zoomable user interface elements is crucial for overall user experience and that user experience designers should thus concern themselves with the topic. As a reference and demonstration, an animated facility management prototype with zoomable user interface elements was presented. The prototype was first published by Centigrade in January 2010 in a blog article on “Animations in User Interface Design”. That article also introduced four dimensions that can be used to classify animations and which were also used as reference in the session.

Thomas Immich, Centigrade CEO: “It is a wonderful acknowledgement of our basic groundwork that it is picked up by other UX professionals and presented as a positive example. When this happens at a high-class event like UXcamp, the pleasant surprise is even bigger. This motivates us to continue dealing with current and future topics in user experience design and publicize them in our blog.”

That surprise was not the only reason for the positive conclusion that Centigrade draws regarding the BarCamp: “As was to be expected after the UXcamps of previous years, UXcamp Europe 2011 was a fantastic and inspiring event that we gladly supported and we are already looking forward to UXcamp Europe 2012.”

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