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Centigrade website utilizes latest Silverlight™ plugin

August 17th, 2009

Centigrade Gallery ViewerJust recently, Centigrade went live with an updated version of its website’s start page. The new start page features a gadget that leverages the new Silverlight 3.0 plugin, a Microsoft technology designed to provide internet users with richer user experiences.

The Silverlight-driven gadget, the so-called gallery viewer, presents screen designs and icon designs that were created by Centigrade in the context of client projects for, among others, Mercedes-Benz technology, Openbravo or Sauter Cumulus.

Thomas Immich, Managing Director of Centigrade: “We were excited when Microsoft released the new Silverlight 3.0 plugin and related development tools such as Expression Blend 3.0, as these technologies give us the possibility to realize our creative ideas in a much more convenient way.”
In particular, the new Centigrade gallery viewer makes heavy use of the Deep Zoom technology, a software solution from Microsoft dedicated to seamlessly blending pixel images of different resolutions.

“In the past, we have never really been satisfied with the compromises we had to make when presenting screen designs and icon designs on our website: we either showed the entire design in total while being forced to disregard all the lovely details we put in, or we presented just parts of the design as a close-up, which in turn made it difficult for our website visitors to maintain orientation and get the big picture. Now, with Deep Zoom, we break free from these restrictions. We can present our designs in exactly the resolution that fits best to the current viewing situation.”

Centigrade website visitors running Windows who want to get a taste of the new gallery viewer need to install the latest Silverlight plugin and navigate to Centigrade’s start page.

Microsoft, Expression Blend, Windows and Silverlight are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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