Aesthetics Meet Architecture

Allow your users to see at a glance just how powerful your software really is. Centigrade supports your company with a wide range of services in the field of user interface design.

Focused on the user – successful ui design

Depending on context, user interfaces have to meet a wide variety of requirements. But no matter if the interfaces are for desktop PCs, industrial machines or wearables – they become user friendly only through a user centered design process. User interface design puts users first. Their situation and their motives are the foundation on which we build high quality, interfaces.

Directly usable with a proper screen design

Directly usable

When you want to reach your target faster, you have to get there directly. To establish such a direct way when using your software, Centigrade optimises the screen design and the interaction with your system together with your domain experts and users. In addition we eliminate any intricate, redundant and error-prone ways of interaction and replace them with tidy and intuitive navigation structures.

Make the most of your newly won user-friendliness in two ways – increase your sales thanks to your enthusiastic and more productive users while simultaneously decreasing your maintenance and support costs.

Design patterns and building blocks for your interface

Implementing interaction requirements in a variety of different ways throughout the interface results in usability problems and impaired maintainability.

Through classifying requirements and solutions we arrive at re-usable design patterns. These ensure that similar problems are transformed to similar user interface solutions, thus improving maintainability and users' learning.

Consistency is our recipe — through style guides

A wrongly placed or inconspicuous button can disrupt the workflow of your users. Therefore Centigrade will tidy up your interfaces and ensure that all screen elements are consistently located where they should be – let your users find your application features rather than look for them.

Consitency through styleguides

In order to prevent disorder from creeping into your screens during hectic development phases, we will specify and document in detail how a new screen in your software is supposed to look like. Your developers shouldn’t be unnecessarily burdened with the question of how to correctly place or name a button. Our developer-oriented style guides give compact up-to-date answers — and free up time for your developers to deal with the really important questions.

As unique as you can get — with an
individual Look & Feel

Centigrade Look & Feels

Give your software the necessary dose of individuality and branding. Centigrade will come up with a Look & Feel that corresponds to your company’s identity, making it stand out from the crowd. By the appropriate choice of colors and icons and the ideal placement of your company’s logo, your customers will increasingly be able to associate your product with your company – they should after all know, to whom their enthusiasm belongs.

Say a lot more on a lot less space — with an
appropriate icon design

The quality of an icon is crucial, whenever the quick and intuitive understanding of application features matters. Therefore let Centigrade come up with a palette of icons, making it easier for your customers to find and memorize functionality and at the same time enhance your software with an attractive appearance. We choose a suitable color scheme and deliver the icon data in a format that will enable a quick and easy integration without changing a single line of code.

Toolbar snippet

Read more about our icon design services.

GUI Design accuracy in the details — also after finalization

Conceptualizing an attractive UI Design is the one thing – concretely realizing it in detail is the other. In order to transfer a mere product vision into a real and convincing user interface, we support you with the mix of tools and methods that is most appropriate for you. Our philosophy is: keeping effort for delivering required documentation as low as possible and use resources to deliver ready-to-use GUI building blocks to you instead.

OMICRON Omicron Relay Lab Test Success Story
OMICRON Relay Lab Test Success Story

If, for example, you ship a Java Swing or JavaFX based application, we deliver the results of our GUI redesign process as a Java-compliant Look & Feel, which can be easily integrated into your software. Similarly, for WPF-based Smart Clients and Rich Internet Applications, we create a complete GUI theme with all required resources and templates in XAML format. A pleasure for your developers, who can now concentrate on their actual tasks. The quality of your software increases without you needing to allocate one single quality assurance staff member.

Did we attract your attention? We would be happy to explain our services face-to-face in a personal and non-binding context. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Head of Design

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