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Business success through UX Design

From brilliant details to the unfolding of visions

User Story im UX Design Prozess: Vorstellung der Persona Szenario im UX Design Prozess: Interaktion der Personas User Story im UX Design Prozess: Persona trainiert mit Indoor Bike Szenario im User Experience Design Prozess: Trainingserfolg wurde erreicht User Story im UX Design Prozess: Auswertung der Ergebnisse
Füller und Bleistift

Understand your users.
And blow their mind.

Successful software understands it’s user’s workflows, behaviors, and needs. User interface design puts users first. Their situation and their motives are the foundation on which we build high quality interfaces.

Beispiel eines UX Design Projekts mit Personas & Szenarien
User Interface Design Element Beinpresse Beispiel

The use of established UX design methods like personas or scenarios help to identify the problem space of a representative user, to dive in deeply and to emerge with a real understanding of the persona’s needs and desires as the starting point for the best possible solution.

Ausgewählte Referenzen

  • Uster Technologies AG

    More quality, more quantity!

    Intuitive Quality Management for Textile Mills
  • Humanetics

    From Scribble to Exhibition-Ready Prototype

    Central Software Solution for managing and monitoring safety tests on motor vehicle test tracks
  • Tecan AG

    Software UI for medical laboratories

    Process reliability and efficiency in a awardwinning scalable design

Creativity unleashed

A clear understanding for a problem reveals great potential for creative ideas. They allow us to discover new ways to improve ergonomics or to create innovation for our digital world.

How about a ticket machine for everybody? Accessible no matter the size of a person, thanks to inexpensive large-format displays.

  • Nutzerzentrierter Fahrkartenautomat - Beispiel 1
  • Nutzerzentrierter Fahrkartenautomat - Beispiel 2
  • Nutzerzentrierter Fahrkartenautomat - Beispiel 3
  • Conceptual metaphors and clear-cut visuals help delivering even big ideas pixel-perfect to your clients.

    This way, twisted and redundant navigation paths turn into well-marked roads. Unattractive screens develop into stunning user interfaces.

    User Interface Design einer App - Beispiel: Zonenübersicht
  • User Interface Design einer App - Beispiel: Fahrkartenübersicht
  • Conceptual metaphors and clear-cut visuals help delivering even big ideas pixel-perfect to your clients.

    This way, twisted and redundant navigation paths turn into well-marked roads. Unattractive screens develop into stunning user interfaces.

    UI Design einer App Beispiel: Haltestelle

Detail loving UX Design

How to judge a good concept?

Interactions are so well matched to the user and his context that seemingly trivial things like data input can spark joy of use. Users are elevated by the simple handling and the big impact of their interactions – they gain a feeling of competence.

UX Design for your application

Would you like to take your software design to a new level with a tailor-made user experience? Learn from our UX design experts how we can individually support you throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Get to know us personally

The fourth industrial revolution, revolutionary simple

Industry 4.0 promises transparent machines and manufacturing. But which information have to be display to whom, where and when?

Whether it is about condition monitoring, predictive maintenance or an entire smart factory: Centigrade can supports companies with the human-centered design of their smart factory vision. On smartphones, tablets, watches or through 3D, AR oder VR apps.

UI Design für Industrie 4.0 Smartphone App von Bosch

A visual phenomenon

Give your software the necessary touch of individuality. When the appropriate visual design is in line with your corporate design, your customers will increasingly be able to associate your product with your company.

Mit UX Design zum plattformübergreifenden User Interface

Give your users a continuous user experience across platforms no matter where they are or what they do at any point in time.

Infit Visual Design Heatmap 1
Infit Visual Design Heatmap 2

We love to explore visual design and are only content when the result is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also implementable in the chosen technology.

The quality of an icon is crucial whenever quick and intuitive understanding of application features matters. Make it easy for your customers to find and recognize functionality while enhancing your software with an attractive appearance.

User Interface Design Beispiele der Infit App

Ready, set, go!

Centigrade clients can rely on a clear-cut design process, derived from modern approaches such as Lean UX and design thinking, but developed and optimized during 12 years of project experience. Let us support you by analyzing your users’ true needs, developing creative concepts and creating brilliant designs.

Der UI Design Prozess angelehnt an Lean UX und Design Thinking

This is how the path to implementation and realization becomes clear and easy. Professional UX Management will keep your project on course regardless of complexity.

  • Roman Schmidt, Chief Product Owner - Wolters Kluwer
    Roman Schmidt
    Chief Product Owner - Wolters Kluwer

    In our joint vision project, Centigrade created an app design that combines playfulness and seriousness and supports simplicity in the user experience. With the help of the user-centric approach, we were able to check at every stage whether we were reaching the needs of the target group with our ideas and designs.

Do you want to upgrade the design of your software? We work out tailor-made interaction designs as well as inspiring UI and HMI designs. Feel free to contact us directly – we look forward to hearing from you.

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