Modern front-end development in medical engineering

Cutting-Edge Angular UI Development

Advanced UI technology for computer-assisted surgery of the future

Metamorphosis wants to show the world what AI-assisted surgery is capable of. In order to meet your high demands, state-of-the-art user interface technologies and a good UX are required. Because during an operation, simplicity and speed in dealing with the computer-assisted surgical system must be guaranteed at all times.

Centigrade supported metamorphosis in the project by providing targeted technology consulting. The result was a modern technology stack based on advanced web technologies.

Our frontend developers realized a visionary user interface for the application in parallel to the client's backend team in a very short time.

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Dipl.-Ing. Arno Blau, Chief Technology Officer
Dipl.-Ing. Arno Blau
Chief Technology Officer

With Centigrade, our software development team of machine learning, deep learning and image processing specialists was able to establish a modern client-server software architecture in a very short time. Centigrade convinced us with its deep know-how in the area of modern single page web applications with Angular, Websockets & 3D visualization. The remote collaboration quickly became very efficient due to an agile mindset of Centigrade employees and the use of a modern DevOps environment in GitLab & Docker. Centigrade contributed significantly to the UI development for the launch of our innovative CE certified medical product.

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