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Basic and expert knowledge for your team

Learn in our practice-oriented UX trainings how to use UX design methods in a profitable manner.

Do you want to independently create great user experience and impress your customers? In our tailor-made in-house trainings, you will learn the craft of anchoring user experience in your projects and products. Benefit from the fact that our UX trainers continuously develop their know-how as practitioners in numerous customer projects. Already during the User Experience training you will implement the first learning contents: You will test the knowledge of UX processes and methods directly on the corresponding training tool - also on your concrete practical problem.

Inhouse Trainings

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  • Mikael Danell, Team Leader Design, NanoTemper Technologies GmbH
    Mikael Danell
    Team Leader Design, NanoTemper Technologies GmbH
    In the “Scrum meets UX” workshop, the experienced trainers from Centigrade helped us understand which situations may arise when the Scrum process becomes too engineering or design centred and how we can better ensure that the user’s needs are the foundation of the decisions taken in a Scrum team. Working together with Centigrade was a very pleasant experience and we are happy with the outcome of the workshop. Going forward with our product teams, we will work with the ideas found in Centigrade’s “Continuous UX” Framework, aiming to build more user centred products already from the first sprint.
  • Dr. Joachim Weber: Teilnehmer einer UX-Academy Weiterbildung
    Dr. Joachim Weber
    We have experienced a trainer who not only has comprehensive theoretical knowledge, but also many years of practical experience, enabling him to focus precisely on our needs. Thanks to the knowledge from the Centigrade UX Academy and the useful and appealing exercises, we can now take our project work to the next level.
  • Alexander Knoll: Teilnehmer der UX Academy Schulung Requirements Engineering
    Alexander Knoll
    IT Product Manager,
    Studienkreis GmbH
    Requirements Engineering is not a foreign word for us - the training of the Centigrade UX Academy has expanded our know-how and provided us with new insights with which we will improve our chosen paths. Thanks to the many practical exercises, we were able to implement directly in the training what was previously communicated in an appealing and understandable way in terms of theoretical knowledge. The transfer into our own practice was also supported during the training.
  • Dr. Carolin Ebermann, Senior UX Consultant eresult GmbH
    Senior UX Consultant eresult GmbH
    It was great that we could use a tool that maps the UX and Scrum process! This made the topic very manageable. In addition, the Continuous UX approach provided me with valuable arguments on how to underpin the need for UX researchers.
  • Dominic Türk: Teilnehmer der UX Academy Schulung Continuous UX
    Dominik Türk
    Product Management
    & User Experience
    rola Security Solutions GmbH
    We know Centigrade from our joint project work. The UX Academy training Continuous UX presented the topic of User Experience Design from a wider perspective, so that we were able to incorporate even more possibilities and variations into our UX and requirements processes. Thanks to his many years of practical experience, our trainer was able to present us with a variety of best practices and problem-solving strategies. The theory became tangible with a hands-on exercise which was close to everyday life and ran like a red thread through the training.
  • Larissa Bröker, Online Marketing Managerin Apetito
    Larissa Bröker
    Online Marketing Managerin Apetito
    A very professional training. We are already working with Scrum in the company, but I was still able to benefit from seeing the topic in connection with UX in the overall context. What particularly convinced me was the interlocking with the practice. We were guided in a motivating way, and were thus able to gradually work our way up to the solution.
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Tool-supported learning process

Knowledge and application in one

Our training tool LeanScope Educational is used for all trainings in which we provide the tools for UX projects. It should help you to apply instantly what you have learned in a competence-oriented and sustainable way. Consult the tool at any time if you want to consolidate learning content once again.

Exercise the development of personas and scenarios or the derivation of essential user needs and become an expert in human-centered requirements management. Learn how to use templates to write concise user stories that can survive the entire development process and share your results with your colleagues. Expert knowledge and consistent terminology are available at any time.

Each relevant training ensures 6 months of full use of LeanScope Educational, including 5 GitLab accounts, one-hour tutorial, practice materials and technical support.

LeanScope Educational is used in the following trainings:

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Workshop impressions

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