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Sustainable software through UX Engineering

Architecture meets aesthetics

Understanding the dos and don'ts of frontend technologies is vital to get challenging user interface designs up and running. We help to integrate design and engineering into your development process. We also implement your presentation layer for .NET, WPF, UWP, WinRT and Angular or deliver software artifacts for HTML5/CSS, XAML, Java or other technologies. Find out how you can benefit from our interface development services.


Agile towards success

Agile software development processes and methods form our everyday work. For this reason our user interface design and development activities accompany an overall iterative and incremental approach.

Benefit from our experience with e.g. SCRUM and be inspired how user interface work items can be incorporated into sprint planning and coordination. Gain experience in mutual projects about how low-fidelity prototypes or high-fidelity spikes accelerate the identification of user stories and simplify estimation and time-boxing tasks.

Patterns rather than patchwork

Touch me CONTROL LAYER (MVC) STYLE Skin TEMPLATE Micro Layout MODEL Domain Objects • Messaging • Services APPLICATION LAYER (MVVM) VIEW Macro Layout GLUE Data Bindungs • Converters • Behaviors VIEW MODEL Macro Interactions MODEL Micro Interactions
View - View Model / Presentation Model - Model

Our engineering services follow proven und tested patterns of modern software development. In agile development processes such as SCRUM the MVVM pattern helps us to work in parallel with your development team for maximum efficiency. We ensure adequate code quality with automated unit testing.

Our path to modern UIs

Our path to modern UIs

If your user interfaces are based on modern technologies our UI Design Engineers will be able to adapt actively to your development teams and provide help with valuable XAML, HTML or CSS artifacts.

Whether it is detailed layouts or motion behavior of your UI or creating beautiful templates for your look & feel, you will benefit from our experience in developing and integrating your user interface.

Design Engineering artifacts

Design Engineering artifacts

Our Design Engineers will actively support your developer team. We provide, amongst others, the following (directly) executable software artifacts:

  • Control and data templates
  • Storyboards and animation for fluid UIs
  • Screen layouts including dynamic behavior
  • Resources such as color values, fonts, vector icons, etc.

For more than 10 years, we have been implementing maintainable, testable and scalable software with WPF and are also prepared for the imminent change through the replacement of the framework by .NET Core.
We work independently or agile with your development team to relieve you of complex development work while maintaining a clean software architecture. Contact us to find out how, together with you, we can create an outstanding experience for your users.

Alexander Keller
Alexander Keller
Your Contact for .NET

Today’s enterprises are challenged to offer their services across different platforms while adhering to strict quality standards and company branding guidelines. Web applications based on HTML5 can be written once to reach every platform that is capable of running a browser. Desktop, Mobile, Windows or Mac – with Web Engineering we can support you in realizing your idea of real cross platforms applications.

David Würfel
David Würfel
Your Contact for Web

Our Technologies

  • .NET
  • WPF
  • UWP
  • XAML
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Unity 3D
    Unity 3D

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