UX Strategy

How does UX become a company institution?

UX Strategy entwickeln

How can UX strategy serve as a compass for digital transformation?

Our UX advisors train your decision-makers, middle management to C-level, and disclose a structured way to lead all employees by example.

A compass to guide you in the jungle of digitalization

One of modern companies’ most important tasks is to give their customers an excellent user experience. This is not restricted to big internet companies anymore, it applies to industry, customer electronics and services. But how can your business ensure a good customer UX when management has to fight through a thicket of new technologies and disruptive business models?

Clemens Lutsch
Clemens Lutsch
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Working together we establish a focused UX Strategy for your top and mid-level management. This helps create the necessary clarity in the jungle of digitalization and enables your decision-makers to separate useful innovation from useless obstruction. We then help you establish this strategy as a common approach for all stakeholders, clearing the path to your visions. This way your business will keep heading towards success.

The biggest current challenges for industries

Lack of digital culture and training 50%
Lack of a digital operations vision and leadership 40%
Unclear digital business case 38%

Change Management

Is your glass half full or half empty? Want a refill?

Change can be assessed in an optimistic, realistic or pessimistic way. Too pessimistic a view can block innovation and nip great ideas in the bud. It is essential to actively transmute to an innovation-friendly way of thinking.

We support management in reducing undue fear of innovation by revealing advantages and optimizing work processes. This way they can internalize a positive attitude that will spread throughout the whole business.

Competitive Analysis (Triage)

Ready, set, win.

Need ideas now that we’ve established an innovation-friendly attitude? Our “triage“ approach evaluates competing offers to identify weaknesses as well as chances, enabling a win in the game of competition by introducing new ideas.

UX Empowerment

UX Empowerment

An idea’s only as good as its execution

It is imperative to have ideas, but they can only be executed by well-working teams sporting the right members. How do the different qualifications and roles of human-centered design fit together? What roles are there anyway, and what are their responsibilities? And how can we build the necessary knowledge? In UX Empowerment workshops and trainings we develop and communicate the answers to those and the following questions.

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