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Mastering complexity

Reaching simplicity

Scaling digital ecosystems with UX management

It is a big task to give your customers not just a single app but an integrated product landscape. Many systems with individual, sometimes sprawling user interfaces, have to be re-imagined and united. To achieve synergies, the development of the product landscape has to span teams, technologies and usage contexts. It is not enough to implement single user interface projects with agile methods or by the Scrum book.

Use our experience in combining user-centered methods and agile development across projects: build your lean and powerful design system with our support. Realize your vision of a user interface platform without breaking the bank.

Verify, but systemize

App by app, screen by screen, control by control: verifying every design artifact individually means enormous, unaffordable costs. What if great, integrated, design was possible without time-consuming decisions or training?

It can be: using the building blocks of a modular design system, you just need to decide what information the user needs in which context – everything else is automated by the design system. We systemize design, and you profit.

  • Style: Unique
    Value scale: Yes
    Fine tuning: Yes
    Editable: Yes
  • Style: Casual
    Value scale: Yes
    Fine tuning: No
    Editable: No
  • Style: Formal
    Value scale: No
    Fine tuning: No
    Editable: No
iF Communication Design Award 2017
Red Dot Award 2016
German Brand Award 2018 Winner
GDA 2018 Award

Many machines, many applications, one design system

Together with TRUMPF we developed the multi-award-winning Touchpoint design system. It is at the heart of a capable HMI platform based on .Net and WPF that is already used for interfaces of widely varying machines. The user feels at home with the HMI in any use case, no matter if she operates a bending, laser cutting, or punching machine.

Every UI element has been developed, tested, and refined with much care and attention to detail. All finished TRUMPF HMIs automatically benefit from the inner strength of the platform and the outer strength of the design system. We do not require every developer to be a user experience design expert. Instead, we create integrated assets that let TRUMPF scale frontend development quickly and solidly.


Software development usually has people of widely varying backgrounds working in one project. As an UX manager, I take care of establishing a user-centered workflow with clear interfaces to all disciplines. This way everyone can apply their individual strengths to build a comprehensive user experience. And it lets me monitor progress across all disciplines and reduce our customer’s project management load.

Steffen Roche
Steffen Roche
Head of UX Management

Centigrade convinced us in several aspects: they do not only understand our needs and produce awesome designs – they also managed to be a full member in our agile development process. Also, what makes the collaboration unique is Centigrade's sense for usability matters. For us, Centigrade simply covers all required UI design aspects to ensure a successful software development collaboration.

Harald Möller
Harald Möller
Software Project Manager OMICRON electronics GmbH

Continuous improvement

  • Agil/Scrum
  • Lean
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Continuous Integration
  • Collaborativ
  • Transparent

Continuous improvement

Your customers will only have a good user experience if the design comes alive in the implementation. This is why we made agile processes like Scrum our everyday tools, and base our work on iterative development. Your cooperation with us can start small and scale big later while never losing sight of the user’s needs. This way, you can get quick wins while building a coherent system step by step.

In ongoing research projects, we continuously explore which approaches seem the most efficient ways to success.

Research project

Market-oriented mobile app UX through automated monitoring and analysis of user feedback and focused quality assurance

Research project

Cross-phase development of user interfaces for mechanical engineering and plant construction using Lean UX principles

  • Matthias von Borstel, Head of Software Development - MAXOLUTION System Solution, SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co KG
    Matthias von Borstel
    Head of Software Development - MAXOLUTION System Solution, SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co KG

    How do we facilitate the commissioning of driverless transport vehicles for production and distribution logistics? To answer this question, we relied on Centigrade as a long-term partner. In a very structured approach, we created the prototype of an app after an initial project focus workshop and the concept based on it. We then validated this prototype in a field test. The collaboration with Centigrade was always characterized by good and transparent communication. I particularly liked the analytical approach of the Centigrade team.

  • Thomas Immich
    Thomas Immich
    Managing Director

    An MVP as we define it from our UX perspective has two major benefits: Because we set a clear focus on just one single user group in one single usage context, we arrive at usable rather than mere shippable increments much earlier. This enables us to get valueable feedback and analytics from the „real field“ rather than from cumbersome lab usability tests.

Minimum Viable Product

A system of a thousand apps starts with a single MVP

At the start of the project we find the underlying business problem and agree on a measurable criterion for this problem to be able to determine the project's business potential. Next, we design and implement an absolutely goal-oriented product. This way, you get a first product very quickly that not only solves the targeted problem but delivers highly valuable knowledge from its real-world use.

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked." - John Gall

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimal but made to order

An MVP offers a direct benefit to a certain user group in a certain context. When multiple MVPs are aligned to a common, overall vision, parts of them can be combined and fused very well.

  • Customer
  • Line manager
  • In-house logistician
  • Maintenance technician
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Technology of your choice

Different contexts require different devices. Choose a device to see a solution tailored to its context.

  • Phone
    Condition monitoring for a line of 3D printers
  • Smartwatch
    Quality assurance in industrial cocktail production
  • VR
    Employee training
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Continuous UX

Continuous UX: optimize small details, scale to big solutions

Because on its own, neither Lean UX nor Scrum nor SAFe provided the 100% answer to our challenges, we developed our own process toolkit: Continuous UX is the result of 19 years of user interface design and development experience. The equally agile and user-centric process can be seamlessly integrated into Scrum, SAFe or Lean UX based projects. The process is both lean and user centered and it works with all kinds of clients. German readers can find out more about Continuous UX in this LinkedIn Pulse expert interview with Thomas Immich.

Using Continuous UX, we have efficiently supported a selection of client projects, ranging from small interfaces to powerful design systems.

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Do you need integrated support for your UI platform project? We support you in driving and connecting complex projects to reach an inspiring experience for your users. We look forward to hearing from you.

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