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Gamification: How game mechanics shape our work environment

We all want our customers and employees to be thrilled about and look forward to using our software. However, in reality it can be quite the opposite. Users often feel self-conscious about software they are supposed to work with but don’t really want to. At Centigrade, we believe that work is best accomplished if users truly enjoy using a software. Through “Gamification”, we can help you to ignite this intrinsic motivation in users, which is essential to an effective and satisfactory workflow.

We will support you raising motivation and efficiency in your company through playfulness!

Generate added value playfully

Gamification is the concept of generating an added value by integrating game mechanics and motivational elements into your software and work processes.

Gamification integrates and uses concepts and methods from behavioral and motivational psychology, user interface design as well as game design. In contrast to a “Serious Game” which transports an added value in form of one complete game, gamification focuses on the specific use of individual game mechanics that apply to a non-gaming context.

Towards best experience

Our gamification design process places great emphasis on users and their needs to create the best experience possible. Together we can develop a concept enabling users to reach a state of flow, coping with the task at hand in an ideal way. This kind of process optimization does not only increase user satisfaction, but also enhances process efficiency.

Thomas Immich
Thomas Immich
Managing Director

Gamification is only one of several possibilites to bring playfulness into your company. We go even further with a new service. Benefit from our expertise in the development of a special kind of Serious Games to gain a unique catalyst for your Cultural Change and Compliance processes. We channel our UX Engineering experience and industry 4.0 expertise into creating a game that is not only scalable and easy to maintain, but that also makes use of your big data pool and fosters your company culture. We call this ‚Enterprise Gaming‘.

Personalized Gamification

What motivates us while playing games differs from person to person and from group to group. That is why we developed a test based on an empirical study, which lets everyone find out their personal player type. It can be figured out like this, what direction of playful motivation should be taken to meet the needs of one single user. Curious to know your playertype? Find out about it!

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Motivation at the assembly line

Monotonous work at an assembly line can lead to cognitive fatigue and carelessness, and thus causes increased amount of unnecessary mistakes. Not only may it endanger the machine output performance, but also the workers’ safety. Centigrade has already developed engaging user interfaces for production stations to support users and challenge them cognitively, without generating cognitive overload.

Dr. Meria Ronge , Consultant Transformation - GuideCom AG
Dr. Meria Ronge
Consultant Transformation - GuideCom AG

Some of my colleagues were initially skeptical about the topic of gamification. During the seminar held by Thomas, we then realized: the concern was not unfounded, as you can do a lot wrong in practice. So we took away valuable methodologies and practical examples for us. The gamification doubters among us were partially convinced and the enthusiasts were provided with a good basis for further decisions.

Gamification in Industry 4.0

Establishing an interconnected production in Industry 4.0 can be tricky. Large amounts of data have to be collected, analyzed and filtered regarding their importance for the users. Centigrade optimized a system for controlling and monitoring autonomous vehicles within a production facility of SEW-EURODRIVE by augmenting real-time camera footage with a 3D user interface, which greatly decreases the cognitive load and information overflow of users.

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Fascination of flow:
what potential do games have to offer?

At Centigrade we set great value on research studies to validate our assumptions and gain new insights which we can then use in client projects.

To build knowledge regarding the experience of flow Centigrade and Electronic Arts, one of the world’s leading producers of video games, completed a study about the emotional experience when playing Need for Speed.

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Our expertise – Your profit

During the last couple of years, Centigrade has made a name for itself as one of the most competent companies for gamification solutions. This is reflected in numerous press reviews and articles by the leading print media, as well as our appearances on TV.

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Custom-made motivation

Standardized and inflexible scoring or reward systems like rankings may be devastating for the motivation of users. Therefore we don’t sell gamification off-the-shelf, but rather create and test a custom made gamification solution that will be optimized for your users’ needs and seamlessly integrated into your individual interface. This may be the mindful placing of game mechanics in your application and workflow, or creating a complete new concept for your user interface.

Did we attract your attention? We would be happy to explain our services face-to-face in a personal and non-binding context. We look forward to hearing from you.

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