Control of a cube by AR

The world is not two-dimensional

Why should your interface be?

Whether augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality - extended reality (XR) opens up new opportunities for innovative business models in Industry 4.0. Users can be offered complex operating procedures in a simple and natural hands-free manner.

AR Augmented
Reality in production

Mobile smart devices are already being used in production - but this limits the interaction of users to a two-dimensional screen and operation usually requires both hands. AR (Augmented Reality) devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens, the Realware Navigator 500 or the Vuzix M400 can be used to link information and interactions directly with real objects. In this way, existing business processes can be facilitated, enriched, or completely reimagined "hands-free".

All data at a glance through Augmented Reality

We design prototypes and applications to convince your decision makers and users or to realize your Industrie 4.0 business idea in a human-centric way. For example, offer your users an in-depth overview of their production plant. Without a desktop computer or tablet, you can keep an eye on the production - simply by looking at your machines through AR glasses. The augmented reality provided by AR devices enables your users to see all data in context directly on site.

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Centigrade Blog Article
DeepSight -
Looking into the future of Augmented Reality

Make use of the enthusiasm that is created when real objects become enhanced and harmonized with virtual interaction options.

Blog article to AR interface project „DeepSight“
Thomas Immich
Augmented Reality is already creating amazement, but the technology is still in its infancy.

What will be possible when it reaches its full potential? This is how production can benefit from AR and VR technologies.

Article at
Thomas Immich

VR Virtual
Reality and Mixed Reality

In contrast to AR, Virtual Reality (VR) lets users totally immerse in an artificially created world. Concepts, products, or entire production lines can be tested and experienced before they exist physically. The current state of VR technology offers playful interactivity and a high level of visual detail that no other medium can provide.

Modern VR glasses now take the approach of capturing the entire production environment via cameras and then generating augmented reality via the interaction of the real camera image with virtual information overlays. This mixed reality (MR) approach allows, among other things, to compensate for poor lighting situations or to continuously measure object sizes via depth cameras.

Training through Virtual Reality

The simulated reality gives you planning reliability for later implementation of the concept. Based on the realistic perception of situations and objects it even becomes possible to realize versatile training scenarios. Users can train procedures and processes with the virtual model without creating further costs for real training modules.

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3D 3D Visualisierungen

Complex processes and workflows become graspable and intuitively understandable when visualized in 3D. We build worlds and applications with the newest technologies like Unity3D or WebGL to bring you the most vivid and interactive User Experience. Your users benefit from direct visual feedback and a highly dynamic presentation.

By using newest technologies and a process pipeline optimized by our engineers and designers it is possible to realize 3D software on all devices. Every application is custom made for the devices, so they work as efficient as possible. But 3D does not only happen on screens or tablets.

Screenshot Video

A simple presentation of complex processes

With the help of 3D interfaces even complex designs can be presented in their entire depth without drawbacks in clarity or interactivity.

3D technologies also offer large opportunities to implement motion design which supports intuitive navigation and the user’s mental model.

Do you want to convince your stakeholders and make your 3D-interface, AR, or VR ideas come alive? Then I would be happy if you would contact me.

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