What is UX Writing and why we need it in branding

Catharina Kelle
Catharina Kelle
October 25th, 2022

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Look at these sentences and words. Do you feel well met and taken seriously in your situation? Do you understand what the problem is? Do you know what to do next? Do you know exactly what will happen when you click the button? If you answered mostly no, I have good news: with good UX writing, such UI texts are passé. J

UX Writing is a relatively young field in the UX world. Especially on the German market, UX Writing is not yet established. As a UX Writer it is therefore an important part of the job to explain what we do, how we do it and why. In this blog article I want to pick you up, explain what UX Writing is and why we can’t afford to continue to treat all the little texts and words in our digital products stepmotherly. read more…

Agile Product Development and UX Design – Better together

Martin Hesseler

Produktentwicklung Meeting

Agile product development today

Software is developed in an agile way these days. Everyone knows that. It makes sense. In today’s world, requirements change so quickly that there’s no other way to keep up. And you want to release every two months. New features, fixed bugs. That’s what customers want. Thanks to current technologies, this is possible. This has also reached the upper echelons of the many companies that are increasingly having to become software manufacturers due to digitalization in all industries. And the competition is doing the same. So buy scrum masters, retrain product managers to become product owners, read 1-2 blogs, restructure the software department a bit and off you go!

read more…

How to engage GraphQL, .Net and React together – Part IV: React, GraphQL and the amazing Apollo Client

Ulrike Kulzer

Hello! 🙂 I’m Ulrike, a media informatics student in my master’s degree and currently an intern at Centigrade. During my internship one of my tasks was finishing the VedaVersum app together with Mikhail. We wanted to create the application using .NET, GraphQL and React as a knowledge base where team members can log in and write, edit and delete articles (see first blog article). In this part of the series, I’d like to share my approach to link the frontend with the backend with you and briefly report how I fared as a React and GraphQL newbie. read more…

Character design in the research project LOUISA – A friend, a good friend

David Patrizi

In the previously published blog articles on the LOUISA project, we discussed the general objectives of the project and reported on the weighting of the player types within our target group. Since we wanted to motivate the young patients to use the LOUISA app with the help of a digital companion, we were now faced with the task of designing it.
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How to engage GraphQL, .Net and React together: Part III. Veda Versum backend authentication.

Mikhail Shabanov
Mikhail Shabanov
May 13th, 2022

1. Data persistence

As we have defined before, our API has one main entity – VedaVersumCard. Our application is intended to keep the list of knowledge cards and to grant users the ability to create, read and edit these cards. To make it happen we defined one mutation and 3 queries in our API. “CardAction” mutation should take the card data as an argument and store this data somewhere. Query “allCards” should return the list of all the existing cards. Query “card” should return one card by card ID, and “allCardsAssignedToUser” query should take user E-Mail as input and return cards filtered by property “assignedUsers” which value equals to that input user. read more…

Continuous UX: Anne Hess & Thomas Immich Interview

Thomas Immich

Anne Hess is a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering. As part of the interview series UX Neu Überdacht, she and Thomas Immich talk in the Outdoor Office about modern requirements engineering and creative approaches, how to get richer information from users, and which methods from disciplines outside the field can inspire and inspire UX professionals to become better.

For further reading, here is a paper by Anne Hess on exciting, alternative RE approaches:  Conspiracy Walls in Requirements Engineering – Analyzing Requirements like a Detective read more…

Prototyping with ProtoPie: Real-time data functionality for the realization of an automotive prototype

Marius Hubertus
Marius Hubertus
March 14th, 2022

Elexir Auto

Earlier this year the start-up Elexir reached out to us with their unique vision of creating a more sustainable car. They built a highly customizable and extendable shared car, trying to attain the same experience as of owned, personalised cars. They achieved this by developing a completely new underlying software architecture. By using an open-source software approach they are enabling everybody to contribute to its system and giving customers the ability to replace and add hardware elements and benefit from further software improvements. read more…

How to engage GraphQL, .Net and React together: Part II. Veda Versum backend authentication.

Mikhail Shabanov
Mikhail Shabanov
February 21st, 2022


“If you optimize everything, you will always be unhappy” –  Donald Knuth

Having a good tool allows you to complete tasks effectively and enjoy the process. Twice the fun to develop the tool yourself 🙂

Hi, It’s Mikhail from Centigrade again. And let’s continue to build our tool – knowledge base called Veda Versum. This is my second article in the series “How to engage GraphQL, .Net and React together”. In the Previous article we have defined our target application, requirements and architecture. We have also chosen the .Net 6 for backend with hot chocolate library for GraphQL API and React as the UI framework. And we have created the backend application scaffold. Now it’s time to give life to our backend.

Today we will add Authentication to backend. We will define and implement the data persistence for our application. We will talk about GraphQL resolvers and data loaders and will say a couple of words about testing.

Let’s get it started! 😉 read more…

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