Positive-UX and experience interviews

Sarah Kempf
Sarah Kempf
November 8th, 2023
Keyvisual Design feel

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What is Positive (User) Experience?

Positive UX sounds good! Everyone wants to achieve a positive experience in the context of using products, right? But what exactly does the term mean and how did it come about? Isn’t it already included in User Experience and why is “Positive X” so important? read more…

UX Accessibility 101

Catharina Kelle
Catharina Kelle
October 26th, 2023


Great, now we have to worry about that too? Do we have to spend a lot of money and change everything, and then our digital product looks uglier than before? And all this effort just for a small group of people with disabilities? Besides, our users haven’t complained yet, so our accessibility can’t be that bad. read more…

Lean & long-lasting – approaches for sustainable UX projects

Miriam Julius
Miriam Julius
October 9th, 2023

Sustainable UX Mockup

The general discourse on sustainability is often about resources, energy and waste avoidance. What does sustainability mean for digital products? Digitally, there is no waste, and resources are rather indirect. But the IT sector is responsible for 4% of global CO2 emissions, the same amount as global air travel causes. Where do these emissions come from? read more…

AI: Superpower in Visual and UX Design?

Hannah Dietel
August 31st, 2023
Visual und UX Designer arbeiten mit KI

Cover generated by Midjourney. Prompt: Visual designers working with AI to develop creative software solutions.

This blog already offers a diverse collection around the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) from the various disciplines that work all under one roof at Centigrade. Of course, visual and ux design cannot be missing from this. In this blog post, I look at the current state and shed light on whether and how we visual designers at Centigrade are already harnessing the potential of AI. I ask myself and others how we envision a future symbiosis between our discipline and this technology. In this context, we will also talk about the current number 1 design and prototyping platform: Figma and how the platform plans to integrate AI into the design process in the future. What also concerns us: the democratisation of design and how this will also turn amateurs into “designers” with the help of AI. read more…

AIs like GitHub Copilot can program – Is my job in danger?

Ulrike Kulzer
Ulrike Kulzer
July 31st, 2023

Hi 🙂 I’m Ulrike, I’m studying media informatics in my master’s degree, and I’ve been a working student at Centigrade since my internship in the engineer department here last summer. Since artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topics, at least since the release of ChatGPT, some people are afraid that AIs like Midjourney (AI that generates images according to instructions) or GitHub Copilot (AI that assists in programming) might take their jobs. So we decided to take a look at it from the perspective of a junior developer. Should I be worried about my professional future, too?

Thus I have been experimenting with GitHub Copilot for the past few weeks and I’d like to share my experiences with you in this blog post. read more…

AI-driven design systems in the Continuous UX toolkit

Thomas Immich
Thomas Immich
June 7th, 2023

illustration ux-design system

Digital products become more complex with each year and interoperate in systemic contexts. Companies are therefore increasingly thinking in terms of platforms and digital ecosystems instead of monolithic large-scale products. To master complexity, the establishment of an overarching design system is therefore one of the most important strategic factors in the user-centric era. read more…

How to get started with UX Metrics

Kim Qazi

ux metrics illustration

Welcome to my first blog post ever. How did we get here?

I’ve recently joined Centigrade and (at the risk of this sounding like an ad) I can truly say that it has been a great experience. Employees are not just treated like a “human resource” but like real people. I’ve been given autonomy, responsibility and above all trust. I have to say that really feels great! Instead of overloading me as a new employee with a million projects, I’ve been onboarded to just one and I’ve had the opportunity to research a topic of my choice and write this blog post about it. UX metrics have always been of interest to me, particularly how to integrate it at a low cost/effort in order to get more stakeholder buy in so it was an easy choice for me. A quick note before I get started for the spelling sharks among us: I always capitalize User for obvious reasons, so don’t get hung up on that. Here we go! read more…

UX meets AI – Can designers and their ideas still be saved?

Thomas Immich
Thomas Immich
March 28th, 2023

Metaverse Alexa Zuckerberg Bezoz

Particularly in the IT & tech industry, many players like to talk about “disruptive innovations” and how much these can result in a massive shift in economic weights. If you take a closer look, only a few such disruptions actually took place until recently. The Metaverse is not getting sufficient user numbers despite gigantic investments, e-cars are displacing established internal combustion vehicles far too slowly, and voice assistants like Alexa are being abandoned by Google as part of a wave of layoffs. read more…

Cognitive Bias in UX Research: A Survival Guide

Alessandra Rodrigues Eismann
Alessandra Rodrigues Eismann
February 16th, 2023

In UX Research, we want to obtain objective insights on the behavior, needs, and motivations of users. UX research is important for UX design and development to ensure that decisions are always made with the user in mind. However, since UX research is done by humans, these insights are always affected by cognitive bias. How can we, as UX researchers, minimize the influence of these biases? And what is cognitive bias anyway? read more…

Sample Size in Usability Tests and User Interviews – Less is More?

Marvin Mader

User research in the form of usability tests or user interviews has become an indispensable part of the UX world, especially when it comes to developing or improving a product. Developers gain insight into what users really need and what potential problems there may be with the product. A key point of research is the selection of the right sample. If the sample is not meaningful or representative for the defined user group, the validity of the findings and thus the quality of the product will suffer. read more…

The Branding Tool for UX Writers: The Voice & Tone Guide

Catharina Kelle
Catharina Kelle
December 15th, 2022

What was UX Writing again?

UX Writing – this is the discipline that deals with language as an essential part of user experience and develops methodologies to implement great microcopy for buttons, error messages, help texts, onboardings and much more.

In my last blog article, I wrote a little introduction to UX Writing, which you can read here: What is UX Writing and why we need it in branding.

And what is Voice & Tone?

The UX Writing ground rules clear concise useful – consistent conversational provide good guidance on how we as UX writers can write good microcopy that is effective and does a good job for our users. read more…

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