Cybersecurity UI

Detect cyber attacks before it is too late

Quick decisions thanks to clear cyber-security software

Clear UI for fast reactions

Cybersecurity is a complex expert topic - especially when it comes to protecting oneself against attacks from the outside and inside in equal measure. At the same time, decision-makers have to react quickly in the event of an attack, even though they are hardly familiar with the topic. Centigrade supported the client in the conception, visual design and implementation of an interface that bundles central information in a comprehensible way.

As a result, we jointly implemented two MVPs: Analyst teams and decision makers now access individual dashboards that provide them with clear statistics on all anomalies. Messages can be analyzed and enriched with specific information. Decision-makers can make fast and targeted decisions by providing background information on detected alarms.

  • Cybersecurity Overview
  • Phishing Mail conversation history
  • Cybersecurity Incidents Overview
  • Phishing Mail Incident

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