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Fitness training software with gamification elements

Individual monitoring and gamification for best results

Centigrade redesigned both the software interface for monitoring and the interface of the training device in order to provide optimal support for both instructors and participants in cardio and strength exercises. The desktop software can be used to manage individual profiles for training participants, including regular standing data and important health values. During the training, the instructor receives the participants’ data live and can use it to make individual recommendations as well as identify problems at an early stage.

Participants on the other hand, can select their exercises via an interface and monitor their training progress. Gamification elements provide additional motivation: small minigames in the interface encourage participants to not give too little or too much effort.

  • ERGO-FIT Cardio Überwachung Herz Normal
  • ERGO-FIT Explorer Trainierenden Kärtchen
  • ERGO-FIT Explorer Trainingsplan Kraftübungen Mouseover
  • ERGO-FIT Cockpit mit Karte Anwenderprofile
  • ERGO-FIT Cockpit mit Karte Ergometer Training Gamification Mini Game

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