Isometric UI Design in Public Transport

Punctuality guaranteed

Isometric UI design for public transport software

Respond to traffic events at an early stage

In public transport, punctuality is the top priority. But how does the driver manage to arrive at every stop nearly exactly on time? A permanently installed on-board unit helps to achieve this goal. The unit sends the driver important information so that he can plan his journey precisely. For example, it sends the position to the control center or realizes the communication with the driver. This makes it easier to react to unpredictable events in the route and to plan the exact arrival.

Based on these requirements, Centigrade developed a modern isometric design with a playful approach. All stops are presented clearly and the driver gets immediate feedback if he arrives on time. Communication with the control center as well as events that influence the journey are also displayed in the UI.

But not only the driver's user interface was redesigned, the interface between the control center and the drivers was also part of the project. All trips and vehicles can be displayed and drivers can be contacted via the desktop application. Critical events that affect the trip are presented transparently in the UI. Eventually necessary actions can be initiated and controlled directly from the software.

  • Route course onboard unit
  • Late Arrival Route Onboard Unit
  • ATCS events
Eduard Weissmüller
Leader Software Development ATRON

In local public transport, our customers need reliable, powerful and user-friendly systems. With Centigrade, we were able to radically improve the usability of our applications and further expand our leading position within the industry. Customer acceptance of our products has increased sustainably.

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