Intuitive like a smartphone app, productive like a machine

A new HMI as a driver for digital transformation in the industrial sector

An intuitive HMI for dosing systems with the characteristics of a smartphone app

Together with RAMPF Production Systems we developed a new, intuitively usable HMI for dosing systems. The vertical alignment of the interface allows a clear representation of the processes. The upper status area clearly stands out from the content area and provides an overview of the most important information and system messages. This reduces the complexity of machine operation for users to a level they are used to from consumer products such as smartphone apps. The HMI is a major step in the digital transformation of manufacturing companies and leads to measurable increases in productivity.

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  • Hartmut Storz, Geschäftsführer RAMPF Production Systems
    Hartmut Storz
    Geschäftsführer RAMPF Production Systems

    In the style definition workshop, we chose a modern and groundbreaking style for our new HMI software. The goal was to achieve a clear presentation and intuitive operation by the user despite the vast amount of information required. In the short, very effective and committed collaboration with Centigrade, we were able to develop a first release in the short time available.

  • Alexander Huttenlocher, Vertriebs- und Marketingleiter RAMPF Production Systems
    Alexander Huttenlocher
    Vertriebs- und Marketingleiter RAMPF Production Systems

    With the new user interface we support the digital transformation process of our customers and contribute directly to an optimization of their manufacturing processes. We are also creating the conditions for future topics such as Flexible Factory and Predictive Maintenance.

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