Elektrobit Tool EB GUIDE for Automotive HMI Designs

Designing an HMI for HMI Designers

Tool for creating automotive HMIs

Automotive User Interfaces

The EB GUIDE Studio tool lets you develop the most compelling, state-of-the-art human machine interfaces (HMIs) for cars. The tool does not only allow its users to reuse HMIs across different car models and brands but also helps them to speed up the creation of multimodal user interfaces. It supports team collaboration and integration of UI assets.

Centigrade created a clear and efficient design for EB GUIDE Studio, so that its users can save time and money while developing elegant interfaces.

  • Elektrobit Tool EB GUIDE Demo 3D Car Animation
  • Elektrobit Tool EB GUIDE Demo 3D Color Fade
  • Elektrobit Tool EB GUIDE Demo View Cluster Animation

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