Another Monday process documentation

Automatically three times faster

Our UX expertise for an intuitive tool for process documentation

Bye-bye manual process documentation!

Take screenshots, save them, insert them into documents and label them step by step. Manual process documentation is tedious and time-consuming - and error-prone to boot. Our customer ANOTHER MONDAY has developed a tool that can be used to document process steps automatically. We took care of the usability.

Hyland RPA Analyst is an easy-to-use software that integrates into the natural workflow and automatically documents every user-machine interaction. The interactions are converted into editable process flows and are ideal for better understanding of business processes, automatic transfer to process models and as templates for automation workflows for easier bot creation.

Our task in the project

We started the project with a visual and a conceptual design approach and were quickly able to convince the client to also let us optimize the usability of the core interactions. At the heart of the tool is a "recorder" that records every interaction; everything the user clicks, writes and reads - completely and error-free. These interactions are processed, managed and visualized. Finally, we also assisted in the development of the software.

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