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Lean UX Research

User research doesn't have to be expensive to deliver meaningful results. In our UX research training, you will learn about cost-saving tools for practice that help you to understand the needs and wishes of users and to identify user experience and usability problems. You will also learn how to communicate and prepare user research results in such a way that they create the desired added value for your stakeholders.

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    In our Lean UX Research training, you will learn the basic concepts and cost-saving practical tools that are essential for planning, conducting and evaluating your UX research. Increase the acceptance of UX research in your company and develop better adapted and more needs-oriented products for yourself and your customers.

    The topics in detail:

    • Why conduct UX research and how do you argue its relevance to doubters?
    • How do you create a better perspective-taking and more empathy towards the target group to be analysed?
    • What UX research methods are there that are lean and therefore also suitable for practical use?
    • When should which UX research methods be used along a human-centred design process?
    • How do you plan user research effectively and under time pressure?
    • How do you analyse the results and prepare them for the next team member in the value chain?
    • How do you prioritise and communicate results to stakeholders so that they have a solid strategic basis for decision-making?

    Who should attend

    This training is developed for UX designers and other UX professionals, project managers (POs, PMs), developers, managers

    If you have custom needs, we will also be happy to respond to a real challenge from your day-to-day business and to work out a tailor-made solution together with you.

    The number of participants is a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 people.

  • Britta Karn

    Senior UX Manager  ·  Team Lead UX Research

    Britta Karn works at Centigrade in the fields of UX Management, Account Management and UX Research. In the project business, she has a comprehensive view on the continuous UX process and ensures this in projects. Furthermore, she represents the user perspective and feeds the user feedback back into the team in order to iteratively and user-centeredly improve solution ideas. In the acquisition process Britta Karn makes first contact with potential customers or places inquiries in the appropriate departments. Britta Karn studied psychology at Saarland University. During her master studies she chose media informatics as a minor subject, whereby she was particularly interested in the topic of user experience as an interface between psychology and computer science.
  • Leanscope Laptop

    Tool-supported learning process

    Knowledge and application in one

    Our training tool LeanScope is used for all trainings in which we provide the tools for UX projects. It should help you to apply instantly what you have learned in a competence-oriented and sustainable way. Consult the tool at any time if you want to consolidate learning content once again.

    Exercise the development of personas and scenarios or the derivation of essential user needs and become an expert in human-centered requirements management. Learn how to use templates to write concise user stories that can survive the entire development process and share your results with your colleagues. Expert knowledge and consistent terminology are available at any time.

    Each relevant training ensures 6 months of full use of LeanScope, including 5 GitLab accounts, one-hour tutorial, practice materials and technical support.

You want your team to be more independent when it comes to UX and would like to learn more about how to put our know-how to good use? We are excited about your assignment.

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