Designed for rocket scientists

It’s rocket science

e-Xstream has one mission – enabling material suppliers and end users to predict and test by simulation the behavior of various composite materials and structures. It sounds like rocket science, and it is, too: Digimat, the company’s software, meets a demand well known across the automotive and aerospace industry, as well as medical.

e-Xstream needs a visual design that enables users to execute these critical processes in a reliable and safe way.

All Systems Go

Digimat includes several applications. The highly complex represented workflows are linked with each other and have to be considered interdependently.
Visualizing the applications accurately while differentiating between them clearly is a challenge.

For Engineers by Engineers


Our designer debriefed her e-Xstream partners on detailed descriptions of different operations to reduce the meaning of each icon to its visual quintessence. In the Digimat launchpad the icons merge into a minimalistic and elegant Flat UI that reflects the clear and analytical mindset of its users: engineers.

An Easy Path


Within the application orientation comes naturally: combining progress visualization with navigation in one tab bar lets users see their path and click the tabs to bring them there.


Precise Information to Meet User Need

When looking at individual steps the end users need precise information. In this case the use of pictograms would have been a faulty design decision, sending users on an unnecessary quest for data. The display of explicit parameters and in-place editing options however meets the user need precisely.

Mission Accomplished

Our visual design works as a compass: while tackling complex tasks the big picture stays in focus and orientation comes easily. Users can accomplish the mission of testing composite materials and structures without the risk of encountering operating errors – even if, at times, they are not rocket scientists.


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