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Playfully improve language skills

Gamification learning software for children with dyslexia

Supporting children with dyslexia through gamification

For the LOS network, we developed a new look for the vocabulary box while maintaining the same pedagogical concept. The goal was to ensure that people with dyslexia who take courses in the LOS institutes enjoy using the associated software at home as well. To achieve this, we had to improve usability and learnability, develop an appealing visual language, and find a way to motivate our target user group, namely children, at home.

To do this, we took a gamification approach and developed a concept where children complete exercises to uncover different countries on a map and receive special rewards for special exercises. In addition, we developed two companion characters to provide additional motivation and support for the children.

The design is scalable to other elements of the software. The concept is designed to work together with the analog course materials.

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