Term life insurance calculator prototype

Rethinking insurance

UX concept and prototype for term life insurance

For an innovative approach to new customers

Our client wanted a new service for term life insurance: In addition to digital lead generation, a positive user experience should be generated for the user. New technologies and approaches were desired - exactly the right task for our work approach.

We developed a UX concept, a prototype for an individual insurance calculator and digital new service offers for the customers. For our core concept we found the metaphor "glass sphere", it stands for protection, transparency, future orientation and continuity. The prototype offers a playful introduction to the topic and visualizes how the different life phases (child, house, marriage) affect the insurance conditions. A contract term of 25 years, for example, is a long time. We designed digital solutions that take this time dimension and changes in life model into account. Customers can thus continuously build trust in their insurance company over the years.

Term life insurance calculator responsive
Term life insurance calculator smartphone with glass sphere
Term life insurance calculator smartphone with glass sphere
IOT glass sphere
Term life insurance calculator smartphone with glass sphere
Project scribble
Aline Barré
Aline Barré
Head of Visual Design

Together with our client, we were inspired above all by the emphatic examination of the key persona. Designing a user journey that ends with more than just a bag full of money for the surviving dependents in the event of death must be the standard for a good concept. We were guided by the values of our client. Dealing with the death of a close family member is a very emotional topic, especially when you have to entrust the future of your own family to an insurance company. This feeling was the motivation to put special emphasis on understanding the mechanisms behind the insurance in order to create transparency and trust. But also to strengthen customer loyalty after the contract has been concluded and to remain in dialog.

Our approach: always user-centered

In addition to the web and app application, we designed a smart object, an IoT glass sphere as a communicative link between the customer and the insurance company. Here we also continued to think in a user-centric way: surviving dependents can easily report a death to the insurance company using an RFID chip on the glass sphere.

After intensive research and market analysis, we developed a user journey and defined the appropriate personas. We used our self-developed tools for the UX process and used Build-Measure-Learn as an agile UX method. We realized the prototype as a user-centric Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The needs of the target group were particularly important to us: We want to emotionally catch up with the customers and deal with the topic of death gently - especially with a view to the bereaved.

The glass sphere

Checking the insurance status at the end of the year, reporting changes to the insurance company in an uncomplicated way, a diary function for the surviving dependents - the glass sphere offers the possibilities of the Internet of the Things (IoT).

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