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AI-powered UX

AI tools such as ChatGPT have taken the world by storm. It is promising a new era of productivity and digital automation. But how does this affect UX activities such as design and research specifically? What prompts will deliver the most adequate and valuable output? And above all: how will AI affect the UX process and job roles in general? In “AI-powered UX” you and your team will receive answers and practical takeaways for your everyday professional UX design and research work.

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  • What to expect

    In our training you will find an inspiring mixture of practical takeaways and interactive hands-on sessions, to improve your AI conversation skill with AI in terms of UX-related prompt engineering and output refinement.

    What you get is:

    • Overview over the UX-related AI-driven tooling landscape so far
    • Learn large language-driven approaches to UX specification and design
    • Receive smart prompts that can be used in real-life projects on a regular base
    • Learn strategies how you can tweak and optimise your AI output with respect to the next person in your value-chain
    • Experience in hands-on sessions how AI can assist you with brainstorming and in ideation sessions
    • Find out why and how UX research can be tremendously helpful to point ChatGPT to the right direction with less “hallucinations”

    Who should attend

    This training is developed for project teams, UX designers, managers, process designers and marketing managers.

    If you have custom needs, we will also be happy to respond to a real challenge from your day-to-day business and to work out a tailor-made solution together with you.

    The number of participants is a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 people.

  • Thomas Immich

    Managing Director  ·  Head of UX Services

    Thomas Immich is the owner & managing director of Centigrade, one of the leading UX & Gamification agencies in Germany. For around 20 years Thomas focuses on user-centered design methods with respect to their technical feasibility and tool support. During this time, he worked as an advisor for his Continuous UX method toolkit in numerous client projects, consulting agile development teams in the optimization and integration of modern UX processes. He is also a speaker at relevant UX conferences such as "Mensch & Computer" or "World Usability Congress" and has received several design awards, including the "iF communication design award" as well as the "Best Session Award Usability Professionals". Thomas Immich holds a Diploma in computer science from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, having completed his studies of Digital Media with an award-winning thesis on user interface prototyping. Thomas started his professional career as a video game developer.
  • Leanscope Laptop

    Tool-supported learning process

    Knowledge and application in one

    Our training tool LeanScope is used for all trainings in which we provide the tools for UX projects. It should help you to apply instantly what you have learned in a competence-oriented and sustainable way. Consult the tool at any time if you want to consolidate learning content once again.

    Exercise the development of personas and scenarios or the derivation of essential user needs and become an expert in human-centered requirements management. Learn how to use templates to write concise user stories that can survive the entire development process and share your results with your colleagues. Expert knowledge and consistent terminology are available at any time.

    Each relevant training ensures 6 months of full use of LeanScope, including 5 GitLab accounts, one-hour tutorial, practice materials and technical support.

You want your team to be more independent when it comes to UX and would like to learn more about how to put our know-how to good use? We are excited about your assignment.

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