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UX Research and Usability

Find out what your users really want

UX Research:
More insights, lower costs

For a great UX in an agile environment, the users and their feedback must be involved in the process throughout the development cycle. This is not least a cost issue. Find out how UX Research can help you quickly and agilely gain important insights about your users, their usage behavior and the optimization of your software.

UX Research UsabilityTest

Usage Data Analysis:
As if you were looking over the shoulder of your users

If you could, you would certainly like to sit next to each of your users and investigate their heads. But extensive testing doesn't fit into your agile workday? We give your software the ability to record user behavior in such a way that you can elicit your secrets from your users and provide simple answers to complex questions. In this way, you will receive reliable arguments for the further development and improvement of your system in the shortest possible time.

Good Question, Good Answer

    • Did more than half of the users use the button in less than 3 s when first using the application?
    • On average, users don't need significantly longer than 10 s to complete step 1 of the wizard, do they?
    • Did most users reach the goal "Generate report"? Where did the others get off?

Acceptance Criteria 2.0:
Find out what's worth it

Use automatically testable acceptance criteria for your user stories to define the quality demands you place on your system. Our analyses based on UX metrics and KPIs provide the basis for deciding whether it is worthwhile for you to further optimize different areas of the system or not.

Get the most out of UX Research

Contact us and find out what optimization potential your application offers. Collect and use important information about your users to make effective and efficient improvements to your software.

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Data protection and IT security are top priorities:
usage data instead of user data

The anonymity of your users, employees and customers is business critical. Therefore our UX Research Team evaluate the data at target group level rather than at personal level. This way, conclusions on individual users are neither possible nor necessary.

Data storage does not have to take place in the cloud. Collect data even offline and transfer it successively to your own servers.

Moderated Usability Tests:
Inspiring insights

The most inspiring insights come from human exchange. In moderated tests, your system is extensively tested for its user experience and usability in a one-to-one situation by user and analysis expert and evaluated regarding concrete recommendations for action. It doesn't matter how far your product is already: We offer usability tests using paper prototypes, click dummies and finished applications, in direct user contact or remotely. Let your team participate in these tests to sharpen their understanding of UX and the user. With usability tests we support you once or during the process and already achieve a big impact with small samples.

Verify personas and scenarios:
Put yourself in the shoes of your users and their requirements

In a context of use analysis we create and verify the relevant personas and scenarios together with you. To keep personas alive throughout the entire development process, we link the usage data collected in our in-house tool LeanSope Educational directly with the needs of the personas. Your team members can thus put themselves in the position of the users at any time when making critical decisions and continue the development based on the correct assumptions. This does not only save you a lot of time and money, but your product will also be better accepted by your users and thus a greater success. For the context of use analysis, we use a variety of qualitative and quantitative UX research methods, which we tailor to your application.

  • Viola Hoppe, E-Commerce Specialist, MISUMI Europa GmbH
    Viola Hoppe
    E-Commerce Specialist, MISUMI Europa GmbH

    As a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial components, customer satisfaction is MISUMI's top priority. To improve the online store, Centigrade conducted a usability test of our website. Together with an expert review by Centigrade, this identified the major weaknesses of our website. The results help us to continuously improve the user experience for our customers.

  • Oliver Jäger, Leiter Strategie & Business Development Q-loud GmbH
    Oliver Jäger
    Leiter Strategie & Business Development Q-loud GmbH

    In a very tight timeline, Centigrade successfully prepared, executed and evaluated a usability test for us in which the user-friendliness of a newly developed „Smart Home“ door station from Q-Loud was tested.

  • Jochen Strobel, Leiter Privat- und Gewerbekunden, energis GmbH
    Jochen Strobel
    Leiter Privat- und Gewerbekunden, energis GmbH

    Our customer benefits app was successfully enhanced. Centigrade prepared, conducted and evaluated a usability test including a diary study for us. This enabled us to implement the new feature in an intuitive and user-friendly way.