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UX Research & Usability: More insights, less costs

For a truly great UX in an agile environment, users and their feedback must be integrated throughout the entire development cycle. This is not just a question of cost. Find out how we can support you quickly and agilely with UX research to gain important insights into your users, their usage behaviour and the optimisation of your software.

Our UX Research Services

We help you to better understand the behaviour and needs of your target group. Talk to us and find out what optimisation potential lies in your application. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Moderated usability tests
  • Game Testing
  • UX Audits
  • Interviews
  • AI Supported Personas
  • Surveys
  • Journal study
  • Card Sorting
  • Usage data analysis
  • Accessibility Test
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Moderated usability tests: Inspiring insights

The most inspiring insights come from human interaction. In moderated tests, your system is extensively tested for user experience and usability in a one-to-one situation by users and UX researchers and analysed with regard to specific problems and recommendations for action. No matter how advanced your product is: we offer usability tests using paper prototypes, click dummies and finished applications, in direct user contact or remotely. Let your team participate in these tests through observations to sharpen their understanding of UX and the user. We support you with usability tests on a one-off or process-accompanying basis and achieve a major impact even with small samples.

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Game Testing & Player Type

Game Testing significantly improves the gaming experience and the positive affect when playing. We analyse your target group in order to find out what motivates them when playing via the player type. From this, we derive suggestions for adapting the game mechanics. We use hypothesis-based or exploratory game testing to improve the user experience and usability of your game. We can focus on various aspects of your game, such as the usability of the interface or quick wins when controlling character or camera systems. Whether on-site or remote - we support you in the planning, implementation and evaluation to create the perfect gaming experience for your target group.

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UX audit: Heuristic evaluation of your product

In our UX audit, our UX experts take on the perspective of your users to analyse the status of your product in terms of usability and user experience. With the help of a so-called cognitive walkthrough, experienced UX experts systematically run through user scenarios in your product, evaluate it from the perspective of the target group and identify possible points for improvement. At the same time, we carry out a heuristic evaluation in which we check your product using established usability heuristics. With minimal time and resources, we precisely identify the key UX and usability challenges and provide you with the status quo from which you can plan further optimisation steps. By using common heuristics, we ensure that the UX audit is highly objective. Discover the potential of your product with us.

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Interviews: Turning assumptions into knowledge

In order to develop a good understanding of your users usage context and thus minimise the risk in product development, we rely on interviews with your (future) users. Direct conversations give us deep insights into the world of your users - their thoughts, needs, motivations and frustrations. At the same time, observing interviews encourages your team members to empathise with users. In addition to a better understanding of the context of use and greater empathy, interviews also provide the opportunity to identify unknown unknowns - laying the foundation for first-class product development. In addition, interviews can be used during the project to learn more about new personas or scenarios.

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Surveys: More feedback on critical questions

Surveys allow you to make the user experience and usability of your product measurable and comparable. We offer comprehensive support in planning, conducting and analysing surveys. We use standardised and empirically validated UX questionnaires (such as the User Experience Questionnaire or the System Usability Scale) as well as customised surveys that are precisely tailored to your questions. This enables us to capture the attitudes, experiences and behaviour of a broad user base and evaluate them for you. Our expertise helps you to interpret the results and derive concrete measures to improve specific aspects of your user experience. Let us gain valuable insights together and get to know your users on a new level.

  • Viola Hoppe, E-Commerce Specialist, MISUMI Europa GmbH
    Viola Hoppe
    E-Commerce Specialist, MISUMI Europa GmbH

    As a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial components, customer satisfaction is MISUMI's top priority. To improve the online store, Centigrade conducted a usability test of our website. Together with an expert review by Centigrade, this identified the major weaknesses of our website. The results help us to continuously improve the user experience for our customers.

  • Oliver Jäger, Leiter Strategie & Business Development Q-loud GmbH
    Oliver Jäger
    Leiter Strategie & Business Development Q-loud GmbH

    In a very tight timeline, Centigrade successfully prepared, executed and evaluated a usability test for us in which the user-friendliness of a newly developed „Smart Home“ door station from Q-Loud was tested.

  • Jochen Strobel, Leiter Privat- und Gewerbekunden, energis GmbH
    Jochen Strobel
    Leiter Privat- und Gewerbekunden, energis GmbH

    Our customer benefits app was successfully enhanced. Centigrade prepared, conducted and evaluated a usability test including a diary study for us. This enabled us to implement the new feature in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

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UX Research Projects:
Stand alone or integration into the process

UX Research should always be integrated into the development process, but not every development process runs along an ideal line. Therefore, in addition to projects that map the entire UX process, we offer small, tailor-made UX Research packages that can be selectively integrated. Are you also planning a UX research project? Contact us.

Do you want UX Research to improve your system in a user-centric way? We can help you get to know your users better. We look forward to hearing from you!

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