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Understanding UX

User Experience - the buzzword is well known and stands for a crucial competitive advantage over your competitors. But you still don't know how to get your team, organization or company on the right track to create more user-friendly products, services and systems and to secure sustainable success in the market?
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  • What to expect

    Use our UX training course "Human-centered Design" to acquire applied knowledge. Convince with consistent user centering in your products, services and systems. The training conveys the central elements of ISO 9241 in a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises.

    The topics in detail:

    • What are the differences between UX and usability?
    • What does UX mean for our company, our employees, our customers?
    • What is the field of human-centered design like?
    • What are the central terms of ISO 9241-210?
    • What are important roles and stakeholders in the UX field?
    • How do we integrate human-centered design into our processes?
    • What are the most important activities in human-centered design?
    • What is the output of human-centered design activities?
    • How do we determine the UX maturity level for our company?

    Who should attend

    This training is aimed at decision-makers and managers as well as project managers (POs, PMs...) who want to deal with the topic of UX for the first time.

    To not lose sight of user experience and usability when developing interactive systems, one should focus on the respective person as user with all of his or her characteristics in each process step. The approach of human-centered design combines knowledge of biological, psychological and social factors as well as special usage contexts with the principles of ergonomics and modern development processes to make systems more accessible and satisfying - simply: better.

    After two days of training you will know the background and interrelationships as well as the requirements described in ISO 9241-210 which you can use to integrate human-centered design into your own processes.

    The number of participants is a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 people.

  • Clemens Lutsch

    UX Academy Trainer

    Clemens Lutsch has been working in the Usability / User Experience area since 1994. He supervises and develops the subject area "UX Strategy", in which, among other things, new paths are taken in innovation management, organizational development and the integration of human-centered design into corporate culture. The industrial anthropologist and trainer worked on several international standards in the field of software ergonomics, for example as editor of the project ISO 9241- Part 161. Clemens Lutsch was for two years member of the board of directors of the GermanUPA and is a member of the advisory board of the personal certification body of the Fraunhofer Institute.

Advanced or Related Training

You want your team to be more independent when it comes to UX and would like to learn more about how to put our know-how to good use? We are excited about your assignment.

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