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Human-centered design covers a wide range of topics from user research and user requirements management to creative methods and deliverables which comply with standards. This seems difficult to achieve at first, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You will get familiar with methods and procedures in our training to anchor human-centered design in your company.
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    In a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises, this training imparts the central methods and procedures for implementing the requirements described in ISO 9241.


    The topics in detail:

    • What are popular methods and approaches in human-centered design?
    • Which user research methods do I use to identify the central needs of users (e.g. affinity diagramming, surveys, focus groups, interviews...)?
    • How are these methods structured in detail?
    • What is a UX Audit and how do we conduct it?
    • How do I formalize user needs into requirements?
    • Which creative methods support human-centered design?
    • What role do visual user interface elements play, which methods exist and how are they used?

    Who should attend

    The training is aimed at decision-makers and managers as well as project managers (POs, PMs...) who have already attended the basic module.

    When designing a holistic, good user experience, you can rely on familiar procedures and methods. In this training you will learn about proven and promising methods and which risks and opportunities exist for the different approaches. You will learn how to align your activities in human-centered design and which steps will lead to a good user experience.

    After two training days you will have gained knowledge about methods and procedures which you can use to integrate human-centered design into your own processes.

    The number of participants is a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 people.

  • Clemens Lutsch

    UX Academy Trainer

    Clemens Lutsch has been working in the Usability / User Experience area since 1994. He supervises and develops the subject area "UX Strategy", in which, among other things, new paths are taken in innovation management, organizational development and the integration of human-centered design into corporate culture. The industrial anthropologist and trainer worked on several international standards in the field of software ergonomics, for example as editor of the project ISO 9241- Part 161. Clemens Lutsch was for two years member of the board of directors of the GermanUPA and is a member of the advisory board of the personal certification body of the Fraunhofer Institute.
  • Leanscope Laptop

    Tool-supported learning process

    Knowledge and application in one

    Our training tool LeanScope is used for all trainings in which we provide the tools for UX projects. It should help you to apply instantly what you have learned in a competence-oriented and sustainable way. Consult the tool at any time if you want to consolidate learning content once again.

    Exercise the development of personas and scenarios or the derivation of essential user needs and become an expert in human-centered requirements management. Learn how to use templates to write concise user stories that can survive the entire development process and share your results with your colleagues. Expert knowledge and consistent terminology are available at any time.

    Each relevant training ensures 6 months of full use of LeanScope, including 5 GitLab accounts, one-hour tutorial, practice materials and technical support.

You want your team to be more independent when it comes to UX and would like to learn more about how to put our know-how to good use? We are excited about your assignment.

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