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Dear museum visitors, we hope you find our ancient user interface exhibits interesting, enlightening, or even inspiring. Or that they might just encourage you to smile.

A museum is a place where the exhibits displayed there tell a story of progress and advancement. Behind glass or velvety cordons, we are regularly confronted with dusty relics of distant times that illustrate the long journey we have already made.

Doesn't sound like the digital industry at all? Not at all!

In 17 years of Centigrade's history, we have seen many digital design trends come and go. What seems out of time today was the latest craze 10 years ago.

Here, in our digital UX museum, the dinosaurs among our UX/UI projects may now retire to a well-deserved rest.

Have fun! Admission is free of charge.

OMICRON electronics GmbH

Mobile relay testing

Touch Screen Interaction Design

Centigrade developed the interaction design, the screen design and the icon design for the touchscreen application. Since the targeted user group was very specific (electricians with low media literacy), the interface had to be optimized for particularly easy operation. In addition, to meet the expectations of the client's users, who are accustomed to high-quality products, the visual design had to be adapted accordingly.

The chosen skeuomorphic style of the design is strongly oriented towards the reality and physical haptics of the devices. In this project, it was important that the design and real-world work environment matched so that the software could serve as an intuitive aid to the analog process. In addition to an Android tablet app, we even developed the Qt-based UI for an embedded device that could be magnetically pinned to the control cabinet and operated via rotary/push controls.

Case Study

Employee motivation in HR

Human Resources Management Dashboard

Written in Silverlight, this prototype user interface realizes the vision of a modern human resources management system. The interface uses a minimalist design language similar to the Windows 8 UI, and brings interaction to life through the use of animation and touch gestures.

Silverlight was ahead of its time at the time and superior to the HTML of yesteryear in many ways. But with the advent of HTML5, Silverlight (and Adobe Flash for that matter) had to admit defeat and was eventually abruptly dropped by Microsoft. The product manager at the time, Scott Guthrie, was put on the Azure team...

Case Study

Game-like design for medical technology

Computed Tomography UI Design Study

In this project, a series of video clip-based UI prototypes were designed for the healthcare sector, specifically for performing X-ray computed tomography (CT) scans. Medical Technologists can optimize the image quality of a scan by extending the scan time without exposing their patients to too much radiation (called attenuation correction). The CT diagnostic workflow itself can be planned and controlled - similar to a video editing program - via a timeline that intuitively represents the real physical activities.

OMICRON electronics GmbH

Interaction design with attention to detail

Network simulation

In this project, we created the interaction design for software that can be used to construct power network diagrams and simulate sequences and faults. Through clever and direct interactions, electrical engineering experts can check how high the electrical load is in a network and how the relays react when a fault occurs. The individual visual elements responded in real time, making the process very lively and intuitive through subtle animations.

Archiware Icon Design for Mac
Archiware GmbH

Icon Design for Mac

A data management software aimed at OS X users should fit in there stylistically seamlessly. For Archiware, we conceived consistent screen and icon designs, following Apple's official OS X Human Interface Guidelines at the time.

Later, we drove the evolution of the icons so that they would always meet the requirements of current design trends.

How they look today? Let's see: www.archiware.com

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