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Making the most taxing task less tedious

How we created an intuitive App for Taks Returns

For many people, filing taxes is a tedious and confusing process in germany. For this reason, many pass up refunds to which they would actually be entitled. But why give money away?

That's where Steuertipps comes in. Together with the app team at Wolters Kluwer, we have developed an app that allows users to complete their tax returns quickly, easily and reliably. Without paperwork or technical jargon.

Steuertipps smartphone app

The project and its challenges

There is probably no other topic where the need for an intuitive workflow is as great as with tax returns. Accordingly, the development of such an application is something of an end game in the field of financial apps. A particular focus in the project was therefore on visual design and user research.
We took a close look at the needs and requirements of the users in order to develop a workflow that was as stress-free as possible and also fun to use.

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Intuitive Visual Design

Time efficiency was an important aspect in the development of the app. Users should be able to get the largest possible refund with little effort. The interface guides users through each step of the process with clear instructions and an intuitive design.

See at a glance where to spend your time

To ensure said time efficiency, we developed a feature that shows users at a glance where they can get the most refund based on different sized "bubbles". This innovative approach makes it easy for users to identify exactly where they can get the highest refund.

Steuertipps amartphone app view expenses and reimbursement

User Research:
The Foundation of Great UX Design

The most important factor in creating a great user experience is good user research.

That's why our team worked closely with actual end users from the beginning to develop the visual app design. With regular usability testing of smaller prototypes, we made sure that the app was understandable and user-friendly, and that new features and optimizations were moving in the right direction

  • Steuertipps app wireframe expenses Steuertipps app wireframe way to work

    Prototype 1 – Concept Testing

    Before we started working on fancy designs and exciting animations, we had to test the basic concept. We wanted to get feedback from users as early as possible to see if everything works as we imagined.

  • Steuertipps app Prototyp expenses Steuertipps app Prototyp way to work

    Prototype – First Design Drafts

    Once we were sure that the concept was right, we started on a first design draft. Which elements should stand out, which should take a back seat? How can we use the design to guide users through the process?
    These were the questions we answered in this step.

  • Steuertipps app draft expenses Steuertipps App draft way to work

    Prototype 3 – Visual Refinements

    In prototype 3, we were able to further develop all the elements that had proven themselves after extensive testing of the previous version. So here it was a matter of already giving the design a certain fine-tuning.

  • Steuertipps smartphone app wiew move Steuertipps amartphone app view expenses and reimbursement

    Prototype 4 - Rebranding & First Implemented Version

    Well, that happens sometimes with longer projects: The company gets a new look and the design has to be revised. But most of the original design idea has been preserved. So a final prototype - adapted to the new look - was built and a first version fully implemented.

Smarty income

Smart Gamification

To lighten up the subject of taxes and make it more fun, we introduced a gamification element: The little helper called "Smarty" that helps users navigate the app. For the concept of Smarty, it was particularly important that he appears in exactly those contexts where users need guidance and help. People with Clippy trauma (the paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office) can rest assured: Smarty is discreet, really helpful, and has no plans to take over the world (for now).

Creative workshop


In the future, Steuertipps will be further developed and optimized based on user feedback, and new features will be added over time. With its intuitive user interface, understandable help texts and engaging gamification elements, Steuertipps is already an ideal solution for people who want to get the most out of their tax refund in the shortest possible time.

The app is available for free in the Appstore and Google Playstore.

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