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Icon Design

The quality of an icon is crucial, whenever the quick and intuitive understanding of an application feature matters. Therefore let Centigrade come up with a beautiful palette of custom icons, making it easier for your users to find and memorize functionality while at the same time enhancing your software with an attractive appearance. Furthermore we also offer standard icon sets, that can be individually extended by special icons, based on your requirements. More on our stock icons page (only in German).

Instant information

Verbose informational text phrases on your GUI require your users' time and attention — not to mention the screen space that is needed to display such text. What if there was an automagic method how your application could put things across in less than 250 milliseconds? An astonishingly fast way of transferring messages to your users' heads without even forcing their consciousness to intervene, while still requiring only a minimum of screen space? You will be pleased to hear that such a way exists — using a beautiful palette of Centigrade custom icons.

Tablet icon examples

Features with faces

The hours spent for planning, implementing and testing your application features can become an inflationary dimension during a development sprint. Each feature means high costs and expenses. The resulting deliverable may be powerful, yet still faceless to your users. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to value, promote and identify your application features for an evanescent fraction of the costs and expenses their actual development took? Nice — but not too nice to be true: A Centigrade-crafted icon palette can accomplish exactly this.

Example application icons

Tailored individually and exclusively

We develop an individual icon style that exactly suites your software and your company. As you receive exclusive usage rights, you stand out from your competitors in a positive and unmistakable way. Benefit from the competitive edge that a set of exclusive icons can deliver.

Example for individual icons

Not simply off the rack

If individuality and exclusivity are not the most important criteria for your application our Stock Icons might be the right choice for you. You like our stock icons but would like to have individual icons in the same style? No problem, we can create every icon for your application in the same style to extend the library.

Example FlareSeries Icons

Versatility included

Example icon in different sizes

Since every Centigrade icon is constructed as a vector-based image, there are no limitations regarding size or output medium — offering you a vast array of potential applications. Toolbars, buttons, context menus or decorated list items are just the tip of the iceberg. Think of all the other possibilities.

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