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Spatial Design Apple Vision Pro

With the announcement of Apple Vision Pro, Apple says it has taken the world of mixed reality (MR), i.e. augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), to a whole new level. Software providers, developers and designers now have the exciting opportunity to develop spatial applications that seamlessly connect the physical and digital worlds.

Industry 4.0 and the human factor: Thomas Immich interviewed

The transformation of a traditional industrial plant into a “smart factory” confronts companies with major challenges in many ways. One of the most important aspects, in addition to the development and implementation of new processes and IoT-enabled production equipment, is the human factor. There is a wide range of training and education to make employees […]

Why we will also, but not exclusively, rely on VR and AR in medical technology in 2021 – A follow-up report on the Health Reality event.

Back in October 2020, Thomas Immich highlighted the development of virtual and augmented technologies in his presentation “Inner pig dog meets boss” at the Health Reality event. However, VR & AR in medical technology will continue to be of interest to us in 2021.

Inner piggy meets boss – Health Reality Lab event

The Health Reality Lab is part of a forward-looking project to promote and research AR/VR applications in the healthcare sector. It aims to open up the existing knowledge of these industries for the health care sector, to disseminate it through a reality lab and to implement it in the context of e-health and mobile health […]

Game fun for all – What Game Accessibility is all about

Computer games are designed to spread fun and entertainment and motivate players to play long term. So it makes sense to use these added values not only in the entertainment industry, but also in other areas, for example in therapy or rehabilitation (see our blog article Little big heroes – supporting children’s patients in therapy […]

Efficient, aesthetic, suitable – style definition for 3D, AR, and VR

Visual design has a long and storied tradition. Still it is a lively and dynamic topic and constantly exposed to current influences and trends. With the emerging technologies of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) designers have to learn how to create impressive and positive experiences for users of these media. There are hundreds […]

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