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Bits & Trees & Centigrade

Our colleagues Aline Barré and Miriam Julius will be at the start of Bits & Trees and will moderate a table at the World Café! We are especially happy about this invitation because there are so few sustainable digitization conferences.

Centigrade at the “Zukunftsschmiede Saarland”

Global change in the economy often leads to extensive structural change. This was also the case in Saarland. The decline of the coal and steel industry in the 1960s and 1970s resulted in the loss of more than 60,000 jobs. However, the campaign of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, Energy and Transport shows that […]

Together. Anyhwere. Part 2

Digitization? Yes! But is that only possible from a permanent, stationary office? We don’t think so 🙂


Providing a good working environment is one of the most important goals at Centigrade. An environment that allows all employees to come to creative life. Corona hasn’t made that any easier. Of course, we’ve all been in the home office since April 2020, and of course, working in the home office has also made a […]

#MachtBürosZu: Centigrade on list of exemplary employers

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, scientists and politicians have been appealing to the common sense and responsibility of all companies to send employees to the home office wherever possible. Now a list of positive examples is circulating on the web. Centigrade is on it!

UX training at a distance – and with success

Despite contact restrictions during the pandemic, we can continue to offer our customers high-quality trainings. After it became clear that on-site visits would no longer be feasible, we redesigned selected training courses for online implementation. However, it was not our intention to simply transfer the previous formats into virtual space – instead, we completely revised […]

How designers succeed in entering the project in a user-centered manner – Thomas Immich at the VDID Talk DESIGN.WISSEN.DISKURS.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation and the added value of new digital business models. Unfortunately, despite the much-cited added business value, little “added value” is received by end customers or operators. As a result, user acceptance is declining and with it the opportunity to establish the business model in the long term. Business goals […]

Productive despite corona crisis: We are still online for you

We at Centigrade are aware of our responsibility to society and want to contribute to curbing the rapid spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus. The good news: As a UX and IT service provider, we are fully digitalized and already work together with our clients and teams digitally very successfully.

Digitalization – serious monkey business

Imagine that you are chosen to handle digitalization for your company. Of course, you hear the talk of heads of politics and business ringing in your ear. You have quite possibly already visited trade shows loudly promising digital transformation and industry 4.0, but delivering very little on the matter. What’s the reason for this letdown? […]

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