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UX meets AI – Can designers and their ideas still be saved?

Particularly in the IT & tech industry, many players like to talk about “disruptive innovations” and how much these can result in a massive shift in economic weights. If you take a closer look, only a few such disruptions actually took place until recently. The Metaverse is not getting sufficient user numbers despite gigantic investments, […]

Long live the smooth transition! Analog and digital material in human-centered design processes

  Where and why do analog and digital materials differ fundamentally? And what does our Armadillo Outdoor Office desk have to do with it? Analog and digital material in human-centered design processes.

Digital Designer’s Manual – How to lead stubborn digital designers to drive them to excellence.

Are you a project owner, project manager or do you work with designers on a regular basis and are you tired of time-consuming and exhausting discussions about necessary features and brilliant ideas?

Centigrade in the Digital Design Yearbook 2022

BITKOM e.V.’s Digital Design Yearbook 2022. We have something exciting for everyone interested in working as design professionals in the digital industry: The BITKOM e.V.’s Digital Design Yearbook 2022. Our Centigrade CEO Thomas Immich has also published an article in it. In »Continuous UX im Berufsbild des Digital Design Professional« he talks about UX design […]

Thomas Immich und Britta Karn beim IREB-Roundtable: die Positionierung von UX

  In December, Thomas Immich and Britta Karn discussed the positioning of UX at the IREB Roundtable of the International Requirements Engineering Board. They focused on user research – in digital design and requirements engineering.

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