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Thomas Immich bei MaibornWolff: Getting User Stories Right

How can UX and agile product development come together more effectively through user stories and thus create better products? Thomas Immich addressed this question in a keynote at MaibornWolff on July 8 entitled “Getting User Stories Right”. The Armadillo Desk, our specially developed outdoor office desk, was used as an example in the presentation.

UX Day 2021: Getting User Stories Right

More than 20 innovative presentations, several three-hour intensive workshops, inspiring exchange with UX professionals and new contacts. From 14 to 15.10. the UX Day Online Conference will take place again. Thomas Immich will give a talk on 14.10. at from 09:45 to 10:15 entitled “Getting User Stories right” and show how UX and agile product […]

Word Usability Congress (WUC) 2021 – Getting User Stories Right

From Oct. 12 to Oct. 14, UX experts will gather for the eighth time at the World Usability Congress in Graz. At the three-day international conference, speakers from various industries discussed practical challenges in the field of UX and collaborated with participants in a wide variety of workshops. Thomas Immich will give a talk on […]

“Getting User Stories Right” – Online Training with Thomas Immich

The use of user stories in software development should lead to the development of user-friendly products and thus enable customers to experience significant added value. However, this goal often remains unachieved due to methodical errors. How can product owners, product managers, software engineers and also UX designers and UX researchers use user stories together to […]

UX Analysis Based on Usage Data – How Big Data helps to optimize the usability of applications

Big Data is considered the trend topic of digitization. Some even claim that data is the new gold. But usage data is a treasure trove that has seldom been used to analyse usability with quantitative methods. What possibilities are there for measurably improving UX with usage data and supporting product owners in their decisions?  Get […]

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