Health gaming for children and teenagers – MightyU website online!

February 26th, 2020


We are proud to announce that the official project website for MightyU is now online!
The research project “Mighty U” is concerned with the development of a playful VR application for therapeutic support of children and adolescents with infantile cerebral palsy (ICP).
Infantile cerebral palsy is a chronic disease of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, regular therapy and independent practice of movement sequences are extremely important for patients.

Since the movement exercises from physiotherapy and occupational therapy are usually not very varied and very challenging for the children, MightyU comes into play. The research project wants to offer a gamified application to promote and increase the efficiency of therapy offers for ICP patients.
With the help of an EMG sensor system close to the body, the muscle activities and kinematic data are recorded for each application of the patients and made available for the game mechanics, as well as via a digital web platform. This enables your therapists to gain insight into the progress of their patients and to make adjustments to the therapy plan.
And now a big thank you to the whole team (Fraunhofer ISST, Velamed GmbH – Science in Motion, Centigrade GmbH, meap GmbH, Katholisches Klinikum Bochum). We are looking forward to our first Nintendo Switch prototype! And thanks for the support of the VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V. and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany!

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