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DDP Certification Centigrade

Working on the digital product as a craftsmanship: True to this approach, the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) has created a new type of profession: Digital Designer. The goal is to take a holistic view of the digital working world – from technology to the economic environment. We at Centigrade are now a certified training […]

UX training at a distance – and with success

Despite contact restrictions during the pandemic, we can continue to offer our customers high-quality trainings. After it became clear that on-site visits would no longer be feasible, we redesigned selected training courses for online implementation. However, it was not our intention to simply transfer the previous formats into virtual space – instead, we completely revised […]

The UX Academy – UX competence for software experts

Once upon a time there was a city by the sea that was famous far beyond its frontiers because it had the most beautiful houses that would ever be found. Not only did they offer protection against wind and weather but also the highest convenience for the people. Therefore, the city attracted numerous visitors from […]

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