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Saskia Hehl

Once upon a time there was a city by the sea that was famous far beyond its frontiers because it had the most beautiful houses that would ever be found. Not only did they offer protection against wind and weather but also the highest convenience for the people. Therefore, the city attracted numerous visitors from near and far which filled the citizen`s hearts with pride.


They were proud because it was them who had conquered the art of architecture throughout the years and became known as experts in this field. But of course they were able to realize their ideas only when they trusted in the abilities of other experts: for example carpenters for building the doors correctly and road planners offering lovely winding paths between the houses. Therefore, the citizens were able to convince the city council to bring specialists into the city from whos skills they could benefit.

Back to real life

Building great UX together with our clients is not very different from building a city: Clients are experts in their field and provide the software that their customers need. We support them in classic interfaces as well as in implementing new technologies as external service providers with years of user experience skills. But what happens when the project ends? Mostly our clients want to keep up the good UX and want to push for more projects. But how to make sure that deep knowledge of UX persists beyond the end of the project and can be built on?

Our tale comes to a sudden end: One summer a storm flood destroys the harvest of the whole city. Most funds now went to rebuilding the dikes and returning to normal life. There were no funds left for the cooperation between residential architects and the experts from outside the city. With a heavy heart the city council had to let the experts go. The residents kept up the work by themselves for the following months but they lacked some skills the external experts had provided – how to finish the delicate parts of the doors or how to trace a nice path in between the houses. They were still able to build solid houses but as the appearance of the city changed the visitors from near and far ceased to come. The citizen pondered what they could do.

Probably you do not need to worry about a storm tide, but there could be other reasons why the external service provider cannot be part of the next project. If you still want to push for good UX and want to handle your projects independently from an external third party you could extend your know-how with the suitable UX knowledge.

This knowledge that we can proudly call our foundation has improved and tightened in a decade of project work. That is why we want to pass on our knowledge. We solidified this desire to share and teach and founded what we call the Centigrade UX Academy:

In in-house trainings we convey the additional skills you will need to successfully start your own UX-driven software projects, for example:

  • How to do user research
  • What methods to use to find target-oriented ideas
  • How to create and apply user stories to efficiently address your client’s user needs
  • How to ideally hand over your ideas from concept to design and implementation without friction loss

Get advise from us – then do it yourself.

From basics to process knowledge to the application of important tools, we can support you with our expertise. We have educated our experienced employees methodically and didactically in our trainers‘ training so that they can pass on their know-how. Our trainings are being surveyed on a regular basis and continually improv to ensure a high quality.

With sharpened skills and additional UX expertise in your team you can build a product that offers good user experience and meets with the customers’ requirements.  You could say that you can immure your project to be weather proof against all outside threats. Of course, we will still be at your side as specialists in case you should need us.

And the townspeople from our tale? The city council added qualification and development of their own architects to their financial plans, so that they themselves became experts in multiple fields and grew skilled enough to create their own solutions without a third party.

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