The Art of Parodyping – What is it anyway?

September 17th, 2021

art of parodyping

At Centigrade we created the art word “parodyping”, because one time when we released a prototype we received the question if we were serious about this or if it was a parody. That got us thinking. But what do we actually mean by it?

What is Parodyping?

Parodyping is the activity of presenting the very first iteration of a minimal product increment for internal testing, whereupon status-quo-oriented decision-makers believe they are dealing with a parody, when in fact it is only a very early and in many parts still unformed prototype.

The Art of Parodyping Keynote at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

On this occasion, Thomas was also invited by the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences to give a keynote. You can find the recording here:


We are looking for you!

If you’ve ever done parodyping without knowing it – that is, if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where, despite having done your UX homework perfectly, such as personas, context of use analysis, requirements engineering, design thinking, information modeling, prototyping, usability testing, etc., your prototype is picking up the users of the most relevant target group, but unfortunately not the decision-makers.

If you still didn’t let yourselves be put off, but patiently explained that it was still an early iteration in the sense of early user testing.

If you can self-confidently but friendly & diplomatically make it clear to said decision makers that the reason for their rejection is only to be found in their lack of abstraction ability and their negative error culture. Admittedly, that doesn’t sound diplomatic at all, sorry :-O

If you were allowed to develop the second or third or fourth version of your prototype and, in consultation with your colleagues, finally arrived at an aesthetic design and a final inspiring MVP or product.

Then we want you as a colleague at Centigrade!


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