Who‘s the fairest PIM software of them all?

Success in the marketplace through a visual redesign.

Logo Stämpfli

Stämpfli’s mediaSolution3 is a powerful product information management software suite. The company commissioned Centigrade to redesign the suite’s applications to bring the visuals to an equally excellent level.

The result: following the redesign Stämpfli had to hire new sales personnel to match the growing demand and rising volume of sales.

Industry: Enterprise & Business

Screen Design

The more data has to be displayed the easier an interface reaches its limits. We created a generous design with precise typography, clear layout, and fresh accent colors that can handle a wealth of content without looking overburdened.

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Icon Design

The icons of a product family have to create harmony while being distinct from each other. By giving each icon a fixed color every product becomes clearly identifiable. At the same time the common shapes create a harmonious overall impression. The icons work together just like the applications they represent.

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  • Icons
  • Icons final state

Centigrade Team

  • Aline Barre
    UX Manager
  • Günter Pellner
    Screen Designer, Icon Designer


Project duration

Icon Duration medium
Icon Duration medium
Icon Duration medium

Project duration

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