Centigrade in the Digital Design Yearbook 2022

May 10th, 2022

Bitkom Digital Design Jahrbuch 2022

BITKOM e.V.’s Digital Design Yearbook 2022.

We have something exciting for everyone interested in working as design professionals in the digital industry: The BITKOM e.V.’s Digital Design Yearbook 2022. Our Centigrade CEO Thomas Immich has also published an article in it. In »Continuous UX im Berufsbild des Digital Design Professional« he talks about UX design versus industrial design, design strategies and the Unique Selling Point of UX design compared to product and industrial design. He also looks at what exactly digital is and how it differs from analog. And what actually shapes the job description of a digital design professional? What are the limitations and what attitude and tools are the right way to go?

His conclusion:
Software is constantly changing, as are the resulting user experiences. A product is never finished and stability is an illusion. Digital material is more like an organically growing tree than a dead piece of wood. Only if designers have an agile mindset and think and proceed systemically as well as systematically and evolutionarily can the challenges of human-centered digital transformation be mastered.

Those who want to read the whole article are invited to download the yearbook chapter or the whole yearbook.

Digital Design Yearbook 2022 des BITKOM e.V. 

»Continuous UX im Berufsbild des Digital Design Professional«


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