Armadillo Outdoor Hackathon – Centigrade, Family & Friends Edition

July 20th, 2021

Outdoor Office Armadillo Desk bauen

Our Armadillo OutdoorOffice concept is still in an early stage… or as we would say in UX Professional Lingo: it is still in the product discovery phase. In this phase, we want to use different prototypes and product variants to gradually find out which solutions for open air work really work and which do not.

The first outdoor hackathon by Centigrade

To accelerate our journey of discovery, we at Centigrade will therefore be hosting an outdoor hackathon around the topic of “NewWork”. For two days, we want to throw our many different skills into one pot and build both digital and analog prototypes together. We will upload our results to GitHub as an open source repository.

We believe: Whether at home on the terrace, alone in the forest or together on the company campus – digital screen work is also possible in the open air, if you have the right equipment!


For the Hackathon, we decided to do a Family and Friends version in a small circle, limited to 20 participants. Unfortunately, all seats are already taken. Registration for the following hackathons is possible via our Meetup group “The Armadillo Outdoor Office Settlers”.

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