UX Therapy AI – The New Centigrade Podcast

March 15th, 2024

We’re excited to introduce our new podcast, UX Therapy AI, where advanced technology meets human challenges in the workplace. In this series, we explore the dynamic interactions between fully autonomous “AI persona agents” that converse using synthesised voices.

These AI agents embody distinct personalities and roles aligned with a common business narrative, providing a fascinating glimpse into potential real-world scenarios. Our role is to observe and guide these AI personas as they navigate contentious interactions.

The first two personas to take the stage are a product owner and a sales representative. Behavioural therapist Henning Löbbecke and Centigrade’s CEO Thomas Immich analyse their dialogues and try to promote cooperation without changing their basic characteristics. Our primary tools? Astute prompt engineering and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), a technique that combines pre-trained language models with information retrieval to augment agent responses with relevant context.

Season 1 of UX Therapy was inspired by anonymous letters from UX professionals, product owners and marketers expressing frustration with their day-to-day work, particularly with cross-functional communication. Henning and Thomas delved into these letters from both a UX and a systemic psychology perspective to find solutions.
Now we’re taking this concept to scale with UX Therapy AI. Join us as we try to unravel a persona conflict and find a solution live.
Be prepared for surprises with this experimental approach and join us for a deep dive into the world of UX and conflict resolution innovation.
Follow this link to watch it on YouTube or listen to the podcast on Spotify:

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