Leanscope AI – An in-depth Interview with founder Thomas Immich

May 5th, 2024

You’re likely familiar with LeanScope AI, the powerhouse behind many of our projects and our engaging new podcast, UX Therapy AI. Leanscope founder, Thomas Immich, recently offered insights into the Tool and the impact of AI on product development.
In an in-depth interview with produktbezogen, Thomas shares his thoughts on LeanScope’s capabilities, shares project examples, and addressed vital ethical considerations concerning AI tools shaping our future.

Here’s a short excerpt from the Interview:

Dear Thomas. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us about LeanScope!

You’re very welcome!

Can you tell us what exactly LeanScope is and what inspired you to develop this tool?

LeanScope is a product discovery tool that POs or CX/UX professionals can use to find products that actually fulfil real user needs more quickly and accurately.

Unfortunately, there are enough products out there that miss the actual core needs of the target group – whether digital or analogue. And it is quite cost-intensive to only realise such a misalignment after the launch and then have to correct it afterwards. On the one hand, you won’t reach certain users in the first place, and on the other, you may even lose those you had already reached.

What specific advantages does LeanScope offer product managers and CX/UX designers?

In my opinion, LeanScope solves a fundamental problem in the experience design world: access to real users is too often blocked or simply too expensive in continuous use.

The centrepiece of LeanScope is therefore its sophisticated role and persona module. On the one hand, you can define the “jobs to be done” or tasks of your target group at role level. On the other hand, you can be very specific and define specific personality profiles and intrinsic motivation factors, as is usual with good personas.

Instead of these personas just “hanging around” on the whiteboard or in Confluence, LeanScope transforms them into so-called “persona agents” that you can interact with at any time. For example, you can brainstorm product ideas or prioritise user needs with them. You then see the world from the perspective of your users.

The threshold for getting input from the target group is therefore extremely low.

For the full interview on the produktbezogen website, follow the link here.

Note that it is in german. If you want to read an english translation, you can read it as a blog article here.


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