Reframing Gamification: German UPA’s New Working Group with Thomas Immich

January 31st, 2024

German UPA’s newly formed gamification working group is on a mission to redefine the common narrative around gamification in the workplace. With Centigrade CEO Thomas Immich as a key participant, the group aims to showcase gamification as a versatile, ethically responsible tool, not just in the context of technology.

Far from being a manipulative endeavor, gamification, when applied authentically, empowers teams and fosters self-determination. The working group’s vision is to establish standards and best practices that position gamification as a beneficial force across various sectors, from technology to societal aspects. The group is set to clarify foundational concepts and distinguish gamification from similar approaches. It will also provide mental models for effective gamification, guidelines for its implementation as an interaction design tool, and ethical considerations to ensure inclusivity.

Knowledge-sharing events, literature curation, workshops, case studies, and an emphasis on societal consensus are also on the agenda. This initiative represents a step toward aligning gamification with the broader human-centered design philosophy.


The German UPA (Usability Professionals Association) represents the interests of UX professionals across Germany and fosters the exchange of expertise within the field. Thomas Immich, as one of the association’s longest-standing members, has been significantly contributing for over 15 years, continuously advancing the realms of User Experience and Usability.

Stay tuned for transformative insights that reshape engagement: Link to Working Group

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