UX-DAY Online Training: Modern UX methods for healthy user behavior

July 1st, 2021

The UX-DAY Online Training is a series of seminars for all digital minds who want to acquire in-depth knowledge about UX, design, marketing and business in a short time. Selected experts share their knowledge live in intensive sessions, present current cases and best practices and provide practical insights. On July 8, a webinar with Thomas Immich will take place on Player Types and other modern methods for designing motivating user experiences in the healthcare sector.

Pigs that bark don’t bite – Modern UX methods for health-promoting user behavior

Most people believe that healthy behaviors have a positive impact on their lives and communities. Nevertheless, it is a big challenge for many to get up to beneficial measures and to stick to them in the long run. The seminar uses practical example projects to show how UX and digital design professionals can use the Hexad Player Type model to bring UX concepts in line with users’ specific motivational factors. Among other things, participants will gain deep insights into the MightyU research project, in which Player Types analysis helped motor-impaired children to become more motivated for therapy. The project was presented in the ZDF “Plan B”, among others.

Thomas Immich

Thomas Immich – CEO Centigrade



“I would like to point out to all UX and digital design professionals that we are even able to motivate people to healthier behaviors with our beloved profession – as long as we use truly human-centric methods.”


The seminar will introduce the participants to the methods “Persona Definition”, “Player Types Analysis” and “Collaborative User Requirements Engineering”. Above all, however, the different project insights should have an inspiring effect and convey to the participants that they can use gamification and serious games to positively reinforce health-promoting behavior in the long term.

Teilnahme am Webinar

The webinar will take place on 08/07/21 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and is completely is free of charge.

All interested parties can register for it at the following link:

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