Centigrade macht Wertschätzung erlebbar

November 30th, 2021

Centigrade Mitarbeiter Meeting

At Centigrade, we are committed to providing our customers with a good user experience. Of course, we want the same for our employees! But what is the current status of this? In order to be able to assess this in an unbiased way, we had a SME check on employer attractiveness carried out by the Demografie Netzwerk Saar.

About the SME Employer Attractiveness Check

The SME check is an analysis to check and improve the employer attractiveness in small and medium-sized enterprises in Saarland to evaluate whether the employees located in the company find adequate, fair and future-oriented working conditions.


What makes Centigrade attractive: The results of the evaluation

We are very happy with our result. In over 70 percent of the categories, we scored with the best rating. Demografie Netzwerk Saar summarizes the result as follows: “Centigrade makes appreciation for its employees tangible.” Because at Centigrade, each employee is seen as part of the whole and at the same time as an individual with his or her very own strengths, needs and circumstances. A dedicated Employee Experience Manager keeps an eye on the employees’ concerns and takes care of a good work-life balance, individual workplace and working time models, and the best possible integration of employees into the team from the very beginning.

Transparent and open communication structures at Centigrade contribute to a good flow of information and fast decision-making processes. Employees are given the greatest possible freedom in shaping their work and are shown a great deal of trust and appreciation.

Furthermore, the SME check highlighted some special features of Centigrade:


Optimal support right from the start: The Guidance Program

To provide the best possible support for each individual employee, we have developed our own Guidance Program. Each person (guidee) who joins the company is assigned an experienced employee. This guide is a kind of confidant for the guidee and supports him or her in the onboarding process, in integrating into the company’s culture and in dealing with any questions or problems that arise during their time at Centigrade.


Transparent and open feedback and participation culture

At Centigrade, we live an open feedback and participation culture, as we are convinced that improvements in processes, quality and ways of working can only happen if everyone has the opportunity to help optimize them. To this end, there are various forms of meetings and information channels in which employees are involved: Surveys, departmental weeklys, retrospectives after projects, weeklys before a strategy meeting, guidance talks, etc..


Maximum flexibility in work design

Responding to the individual needs of employees is a matter of course at Centigrade. Employees’ wishes are combined with company interests in the best possible way. For example, there are a wide variety of part-time models and very flexible flexitime and working time accounts to enable employees to combine their private and professional lives. Overtime and travel time are compensated 100%. Especially for parents, these factors are very attractive in order to combine being a parent with the challenge of a job in the best possible way.

Centigrade offers employees a remote first working environment. Here, too, it is possible to decide according to individual needs from where to work. In peace and quiet from the home office or would you prefer to work together in the offices on the Saarbrücken campus? New hires are also made without an increased focus on residence.



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